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High temperature, large temperature difference, temperature, vacuum, such as insulation, no permeability poor working environment, high performance chinese ceramic bearings is an ideal way to replace the current used in steel rolling bearing bearing, has a wide speed range, high speed small fever, performance is stable, durable, corrosion resistance, not afraid of less environmental pollution, resistance to wear, the instantaneous oil lubricating oil good work ability and high reliability performance parameters, the future development of broad, with immeasurable economic benefits and broad social and economic benefits.

precision chinese ceramic bearings
This chinese ceramic bearings is developed and designed for the harsh environment adjustment, ultra-low temperature, heavy-duty and lube free working conditions in the national defense industry, with high scientific and technological content, and is the extreme combination of new materials, new technologies, new processes and new structures.Ceramic bearings can be used in high speed CNC machine tools, ultra-low temperature engineering projects, high speed motor, chemical industry and other manufacturing industries, through rational development and design.

chinese ceramic bearings
This kind of chinese ceramic bearings is a typical two high-tech products, high-tech content and high added value, is internationally recognized as the mainstream of the chinese ceramic bearings products in the future, to preempt the rolling bearing, Yang 40 to 60% market share, the recent city Yang at 1 billion RMB, first used in high speed nc machine tools, high-speed motor, cryogenic machine equipment, the current development design manufacture can further alternative precision, medium speed above all all the industry application of the chinese ceramic bearings, precision chinese ceramic bearings of similar steel rolling bearing is the price range of 1.5 to 1.8 times, and can prolong service life of at least three times.
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