Conveyor belt bearings bearing noise and overheating preventive measures

39 Published by admin Aug 16,2021

When the conveyor belt bearings have poor grease performance under radial load, the noise of "click, click" will be heard at the beginning of operation. This is mainly due to the sudden acceleration of the rolling elements after they leave the load zone and the the noise caused by the collision is inevitable but will disappear after a period of operation.

Measures to prevent cage noise are as follows:
a. In order to stabilize the revolution movement of the cage, the conveyor belt bearings should be guided by ferrules as much as possible and pay attention to adequate lubrication of the guide surface, and the structure of the tapered roller bearing under high-speed working conditions should be improved.conveyor belt bearings

b. Conveyor belt bearings When rotating at high speed, the cage vibration amplitude of the bearing with a large pocket gap is much larger than that of the cage with a small pocket gap, so the value of the pocket gap is particularly important.

c. Pay attention to minimize the radial clearance.

1. Tolerance selection and control of shaft and bearing room: Conveyor belt bearings should rotate flexibly without any sense of blocking after being pressed in. If there is obvious inflexible rotation, it indicates that the size of the shaft is too large and the tolerance needs to be lowered.

2. The assembly method of conveyor belt bearings: Because the bearings are high-precision products, improper assembly can easily cause damage to the tapered roller bearing raceway and cause damage to the bearing. When assembling the bearing, there should be a special mold, which can not be knocked at will. When pressing into the shaft, only a small circle can receive force, and when a large circle is pressed, only a large circle can receive force.

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