Colleagues have reclaimed the order for cooper split roller bearings at a higher price.

74 Published by admin Sep 18,2019

It was a Canadian customer. When I received an enquiry about cooper split roller bearings, I was worrying about the order. I didn’t think about the price of a lower cooper split roller bearings because I wanted to win this cooper. The order of split roller bearings is gone. Customer asks: How about the quality for cooper split roller bearings? I need a really good cooper split roller bearings. I quickly said: Quality of cooper split roller bearings is good. Then I sent the cooper split roller bearings picture technical parameters, and waited with hope, but only exchanged a reply from the customer: I will let you know. ... nothing.

I am worried that this list is so cool, so I actively look for customers to chat and ask if he has bought such cooper split roller bearings from China. Foreigners are also frank: no, have been bought from Germany, the quality is very good. He also told me that the price of the German cooper split roller bearings was very high, so I was a little surprised to see my offer.

Listening to him saying "surprised" I seem to see hope again, but did not think carefully about the underlying reasons behind his "surprise." I tried my best to persuade him to make the next test order and tell him that the quality of our cooper split roller bearings is also good. The price of cooper split roller bearings is also affordable. If the quantity is large, the price can be discussed. He has always worried about our quality. I said that I can test the sample, but he did not reply.cooper split roller bearings

 Seeing to be cool, my heart is depressed, go to a colleague to spit: Why is the quality of our cooper split roller bearings not bad, the price of cooper split roller bearings is so low, customers are not willing to try the next order? After knowing the ins and outs, my colleague, who is known as the eye of the eye, directly pointed out that the problem is still on the quotation, and you have not got the point to get to the customer. The price is too low, so that customers are not assured of quality. So my colleague gave me a more detailed analysis of this customer.

First of all, the customer said that the first time the inquiry was to have high-quality cooper split roller bearings, the quality was repeatedly mentioned, and the price was never discussed with you. Obviously, the customer's focus is on quality rather than price.

Secondly, the industry knows that the quality of German products is good but the price is very high. Customers have always bought from Germany, which also proves that this is a customer with high quality requirements.

Again, looking at the website, their market positioning should be medium to high-end, and such customers will not buy cooper split roller bearings that they think are of poor quality in pursuit of low prices.cooper split roller bearing

Finally, when you first report the ultra-low price, the customer is surprised. Maybe he is worried about the quality at this time, but you throw a "large price can talk about it", not only does not relieve the customer's concerns, but instead of squatting, It is counterproductive.

In this case, my colleague contacted the customer with the name of another company. The price she reported was much higher than that of me. It is also in the Chinese market, but the price is very professional. The advantages and performance of our cooper split roller bearings are illustrated in detail. The customer expressed interest and asked some technical questions. Colleagues and engineers repeatedly communicated and discussed and replied one by one. Next, she showed our customers our quality management system, strict quality inspection process and various product certifications and patent certificates. After several rounds, the order for cooper split roller bearings was successfully negotiated. My lost customer was actually saved by my colleagues at the price of higher cooper split roller bearings!

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