Different types of bearings and characteristics

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1. Different types of bearings for deep groove ball bearings
Wide range of uses, the most representative rolling bearings. Can accept radial load and bidirectional axial load. Suitable for high-speed rotation and places requiring low noise and vibration. The sealed bearing with steel plate dust cover or rubber sealing ring is pre-filled with a proper amount of grease, and the outer ring is equipped with a snap ring or a flange. Orientation, and convenient for installation in the shell. The size of the maximum load type bearing is the same as that of the standard bearing, but there is a filling groove in the inner and outer rings, which increases the number of balls and increases the rated load.

2. Different types of bearings for self-aligning ball bearing
Bearings fitted with crowned rollers. The center of curvature of the raceway surface of the outer ring is consistent with the center of the bearing, and the spherical roller bearing is between the inner ring with two raceways and the outer ring with spherical raceways. Therefore, it has the same self-aligning function as the self-aligning ball bearing. When the shaft and shell deflect, it can automatically adjust the load and the axial load in two directions. Large radial load capacity, suitable for heavy loads and impact loads. The inner diameter of the inner ring is a bearing with a tapered hole, which can be directly installed. Or use an adapter sleeve or an assembly cylinder to install on a cylindrical shaft. The cage uses steel stamping cage, polyamide forming cage and copper alloy car cage.different types of bearings

3. Different types of bearings for needle bearings
Solid type needle roller bearings, but due to the use of needle rollers, the basic structure of bearings with inner rings is the same as that of NU type cylindrical roller bearings. The size can be reduced, and it can accept large radial load. Bearings without inner rings should use the installation surface of the shaft with appropriate precision and hardness as the raceway surface. Thrust needle roller bearings can be combined with stamped thin raceway rings (W) or cut-processed thick raceway rings (WS). Non-separable bearings are made of precision stamped raceway rings, needle rollers and cages Integral bearings composed of components. This type of bearing can accept unidirectional axial load. It occupies a small space, and the separable bearing is composed of raceway rings, needle rollers and cage assemblies. It is conducive to the compact design of machinery, and most of them only use needle rollers And the cage assembly, and the installation surface of the shaft and the housing is used as the raceway surface. The roller is guided by the large rib of the inner ring. The design makes the raceway surface of the inner ring, the raceway surface of the outer ring and the rolling surface of the roller The apex of the conical surface intersects at a point on the center line of the bearing. Single row bearings can accept radial loads and unidirectional axial loads, while tapered roller bearings are equipped with cone-shaped rollers. Double row bearings can accept radial loads and axial loads Bi-directional axial load, suitable for bearing heavy load and impact load. Cylindrical roller bearings can be divided into single row, double row and multi-row cylindrical roller bearings. Among them, single row cylindrical roller bearings with cages are widely used. In addition, Cylindrical roller bearings vary according to the number of rows of rolling elements used in the bearing. There are also cylindrical roller bearings with other structures such as single-row or double-row full complement rollers. According to the structure of the ring rib, it can also bear certain one-way or two-way shaft The NN type and NNU type double row cylindrical roller bearings are compact in structure, and the single row cylindrical roller bearings are divided into N type, NU type, NJ type, NF type and NUP type according to the difference of ring ribs. Cylindrical roller bearings The bearing has a large radial load capacity. It has strong rigidity, large load capacity and small deformation after being loaded. It is mostly used for supporting the spindle of machine tools. FFCDFCDP four-row cylindrical roller bearings can withstand large radial loads and are mostly used in rolling mills. on heavy machinery.bearings

4. Different types of bearings for spherical roller bearings
Depending on the internal structure, this type of bearing is equipped with spherical rollers between the outer ring of the spherical raceway and the inner ring of the double raceway. Divided into RRHRHA and SR four types, because the arc center of the outer ring raceway is consistent with the bearing center, it has self-aligning performance, so it can automatically adjust the shaft center error caused by the deflection or misalignment of the shaft or shell. Can accept radial load and bidirectional axial load. In particular, the radial load capacity is large, and it is suitable for bearing heavy loads and impact loads. Tapered bore bearings can be mounted and disassembled on the shaft by using fasteners or withdrawal sleeves. Spherical roller bearings can withstand large radial loads, and can also withstand certain axial loads. The raceway of the outer ring of this type of bearing is spherical, so it has self-aligning performance. When the shaft is bent or tilted by force so that the relative inclination between the center line of the inner ring and the center line of the outer ring does not exceed 1° to 2.5°, the bearing can still work. .

5. Different types of bearings for thrust roller bearings
However, the radial load shall not exceed 55% of the axial load. Another important feature of this type of bearing is its self-aligning performance. Thrust roller bearings include thrust self-aligning roller bearings, thrust cylindrical roller bearings and thrust tapered roller bearings. . Thrust spherical roller bearings can bear both axial and radial loads. Thus making it less sensitive to misalignment and shaft deflection. As long as the loads P and P do not exceed 0.05C and the shaft ring rotates, the bearing allows a certain range of self-aligning angles. Small values are suitable for large bearings, and the allowable self-alignment angle will decrease when the load increases.bearing

6. Different types of bearings for outer spherical bearing
For example on agricultural machines, transport systems or construction machines. It is mainly used to bear combined radial and axial loads, mainly radial loads, and the outer spherical bearing is preferably suitable for places requiring simple equipment and parts. Generally, it is not suitable to accept axial load alone. This kind of bearing can be installed with inner ring (with a full set of rollers and cage) and outer ring separately. This kind of bearing does not allow the shaft to tilt relative to the housing, and additional axial force will be generated under the radial load. The size of the axial clearance of this kind of bearing has a great relationship with whether the bearing can work normally. When the axial clearance is too small, the temperature rise is high; when the axial clearance is large, the bearing is easy to be damaged. Therefore, special attention should be paid to adjusting the axial clearance of the bearing during installation and operation. If necessary, pre-interference installation can be used to increase the rigidity of the bearing.

7. Different types of bearings for joint bearing
It is mainly composed of an outer ring with an inner spherical surface. The joint bearing has lubricating type and self-lubricating type. The joint bearing is a sliding bearing with a special structure. The structure is simpler than rolling bearings. It can withstand large loads. According to the inner ring with an outer spherical surface and its different types and structures, it can accept radial loads, axial loads, or combined radial and axial loads at the same time. It is generally used for low-speed swinging motion (that is, angular motion, and can also perform tilting motion within a certain angle range (that is, self-aligning motion) because the sliding surface is a spherical motion) when the supporting shaft and the shaft shell hole have a large misalignment. , still works fine

8. Different types of bearings for linear bearing
It has the advantages of small friction, flexible movement and convenient maintenance and replacement. Widely used in textile machinery, printing machinery, medical machinery, precision machine tools, electrical cutting machines and automatic recorders and other fields. Linear motion ball bearings are mainly used in linear reciprocating motion parts of mechanical equipment.

9. Different types of bearings for angular contact bearings
Can accept radial load and axial load at the same time, angular contact ball bearing. It can also be used with pure axial load, and the limit speed is higher. The ability of this type of bearing to accept axial load is determined by the contact angle. The larger the contact angle, the higher the ability to accept axial load.

10. Different types of bearings for pressure bearing
According to its structural form, it is divided into one-way pressure ball bearings and two-way pressure ball bearings. One-way pressure bearings can bear axial loads in one direction, and pressure bearings are separable bearings. Two-way pressure bearings can bear axial loads in two directions. Neither can withstand radial loads.

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