Many people don’t know the secret of eccentric bearing assembly

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The eccentric bearing  assembly mainly includes the outer ring, the inner ring, the rolling body flower basket and the rolling body. The eccentric bearing assembly has a simple structure and is convenient to use, and the eccentric bearing assembly function can be realized without the eccentric shaft, so that the eccentric mechanism is greatly simplified, and the machining of the eccentric mechanism is saved. It is easy to work, save time, and assemble, reducing the manufacturing cost of the eccentric mechanism.

eccentric bearing assembly

The original lifter works by driving the plunger pump with a ball bearing on the "1" shaft eccentric cam to provide a power lift suspension. Due to the small bearing capacity of the ball bearing, the eccentric bearing assembly ring wall is thin, and early fatigue damage is easy under the alternating radial load, so that the specified number of life times is not achieved, which affects the performance of the host. Due to the eccentric bearing assembly  cam, the "1" shaft makes the machining of the shaft time-consuming.

The application of the eccentric bearing assembly overcomes the above two drawbacks, integrating the eccentricity and the bearing. In order to simplify the "1" shaft structure, the ceccentric bearing assembly cam is eliminated, the inner ring of the bearing is designed as an eccentric structure, and the eccentric bearing assembly inner ring inner hole has a keyway, which is connected with the "1" shaft through a flat key; in order to improve the radial bearing capacity of the bearing; Changed to close-in needle roller; in order to improve the axial load capacity and ensure safety and reliability, double washer double retaining ring is designed. The outer dimensions of the bearing are kept in the original space. After so designed and manufactured, the eccentric bearing assembly performance has been greatly improved.catalog bearing ntn

Characteristics of the eccentric bearing assembly: the inner hole of the inner ring is an eccentric hole, and a longitudinal key groove is formed on the inner side wall of the eccentric hole. The utility model relates to a double-layer double-row tapered roller eccentric bearing assembly; a cylindrical roller is a single-layer raceway small clearance or a negative clearance cylindrical roller bearing, which is mainly installed on both sides of a printing plate cylinder and an impression cylinder; The other is a double-circle raceway with an inner and outer eccentric negative clearance cylindrical roller bearing unit mounted on both sides of the printing machine's rubber roller. Due to its special structure, hollow cylindrical roller bearings have strong vibration absorption, long life and overload protection compared with conventional rolling bearings.

Application of eccentric bearing assembly: reducer, petrochemical, textile, metallurgy, mining, steel, etc., light and heavy machinery. Tianjin Xunrong Technology Development Co., Ltd. will provide customers with quality products and perfect pre-sales and after-sales service with diligence, integrity and consistent principle, striving to achieve “creating benefits and increasing value for money”. We sincerely hope to join hands with colleagues from all walks of life to cooperate sincerely, develop together and create a brilliant tomorrow.

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