Thanks to Singapore customers who purchased flanged bearings for giving me a lesson.

173 Published by admin Mar 07,2019

I finally waited for you, but I didn't give up..." Finally, on May 22, I received an inquiry about flange mounted bearings. I am lucky, the guest is taking the initiative to find the door. It is a Singapore Guest. I have been chatting with this customer for a long time, he has not believed us, he want to send him the company's photos and certificates to him. The price of flange mounted bearings is even more pressure, and it has been talking for nearly a month, and the guests finally put the deposit of the flange mounted bearings came over, so I was so impatient! Therefore, the order of the flange mounted bearings was produced in this way, and the problems came one after another.flange mounted bearings

I finally received the order of flange mounted bearings, and my heart was so beautiful! However, the problem is coming again. The customer didn't know if it was busy or something, let me contact his friend, so I contacted his friend. His friend always asked me when I could send the flange mounted bearings, and I told his friends that we paid the balance before shipping. However, the customer has been missing with me, how to contact can not be contacted, even his friends can not contact. Sometimes I wonder if the customer does not want these flanges mounted bearings, and the mood has been very low during that time. Colleagues around me have been comforting me. Nothing, he had paid a deposit. he don’t want these flanges to be mounted. A thousand, etc., the customer finally came to pay in July, the customer asked me to send him a sample of flange mounted bearings, I said yes. The next day he disappeared again, so I sent a sample of the flange mounted bearings to his friend. A week later, his friend received samples of flanged mounted bearings. I thought that his friend would give the customer a sample of the flange mounted bearings, and the result was not. Later I learned that his friend is in Guangzhou and his client is in Singapore. This is how to do? The customer was angry and said why he did not receive samples of flanged mounted bearings. The manager also knows about this, just ask me why? Didn't you use DHL to send samples of flange mounted bearings to customers? You sent it to me, and you have not received samples of flange mounted bearingssince then. There is a saying that is right, what you think you think is what you think! ! ! Later, the manager told me that his friend had to go to Singapore in the next few days and asked him to take samples of the flange mounted bearings to the customer. So, I contacted his friend... Finally, the customer received a sample of the flanged mounted bearings.flange bearings

It’s really a wave of problems! I haven’t touched the industry before, and I don’t know how to calculate the number of squares for flange mounted bearings, so that I’ve lost more than half of the time to count the guests. Because I counted this row, and the carton factory was in that row when it came in. The problem has arisen and there is no timely communication with the guests. The customer knows very, very angry. Say that you are very unprofessional, making mistakes again and again. The customer means to ask us for compensation of flange mounted bearings, how can I pay so much for compensation! ! ! When it is over, the sky is going to fall. I want to cry without tears! ! ! I finally got a single order of flange mounted bearings, and the result... I said more tears! The lucky god descended on me again. The manager had a Singaporean guest K who was a freight forwarder. The client also decided to follow the freight forwarder of K. The manager should let K help! Let him talk to the customer. Finally the customer decided not to let us lose. I am not very clear about the specifics. The problem is solved, the flange mounted bearings can be sent. After arriving in Guangzhou, I took the freight forwarding, but after a long time, the customer received the flanged mounted bearings. A wave of twists and turns! After going through this single, I have grown a lot. This is also the wealth of my life. It’s too embarrassing, stop it!

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