Do you know what is flat needle bearing?

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Flat needle bearing are roller bearings with cylindrical rollers, which are thin and long relative to their diameter. Such rollers are called needle rollers. Despite having a smaller section, the bearing still has a high load bearing capacity. Needle roller bearings are equipped with thin and long rollers (roller diameter D≤5mm, L/D≥2.5, L is the length of the roller), so The radial structure is compact, and when the inner diameter and load capacity are the same as other types of bearings, the outer diameter is the smallest, especially suitable for the support structure with limited radial installation size.
Depending on the application, a bearing without an inner ring or a needle roller and cage assembly can be selected. At this time, the surface of the journal and the surface of the housing hole matched with the bearing are directly used as the inner and outer rolling surfaces of the bearing. In order to ensure the load capacity and running performance As with the bearing with ring, the hardness, machining accuracy and surface quality of the raceway surface of the shaft or housing hole should be similar to the raceway of the bearing ring. This type of bearing can only withstand radial loads.

The combined flat needle bearing is a bearing unit composed of a radial needle roller bearing and a thrust bearing. It has a compact structure, small volume, high rotation accuracy, and can withstand a certain axial load while bearing a high radial load. And the product structure is diverse, adaptable and easy to install. Combined needle roller bearings are widely used in machine tools, metallurgical machinery, textile machinery and printing machinery and other mechanical equipment, and can make the mechanical system design very compact and flexible.

flat needle bearing

Flat Needle bearing are equipped with thin and long rollers (the length of the roller is 3~10 times the diameter, and the diameter is generally not more than 5mm), so the radial structure is compact, and its inner diameter and load capacity are the same as other types of bearings. It has the smallest diameter and is especially suitable for supporting structures with limited radial installation size. Needle roller bearings should be combined with the bearing ring and application according to the different occasions, the machining accuracy and surface quality. Needle roller bearings are bearing units that combine radial needle roller bearings and thrust bearing components.

flat needle bearing

Flat needle bearing are used to bear the combined axial and radial loads with the main axial load, but the radial load shall not exceed 55% of the axial load. Compared with other thrust roller bearings, this kind of bearing has lower friction factor, higher speed and self-aligning performance. The rollers of the 29000 type bearings are asymmetric spherical rollers, which can reduce the relative sliding between the rollers and the raceway during operation, and the rollers are long, large in diameter, large in number of rollers, and high in load capacity. Oil lubrication is usually used. , Grease lubrication can be used in individual low-speed situations. When designing and selecting, it should be preferred; 80000 type thrust cylindrical roller bearing, 90000 type thrust tapered roller bearing and AXK type thrust needle roller bearing can bear one-way axial load, which is more axial than thrust ball bearing. Much higher load capacity combined with greater rigidity and less axial space.

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