Like a gift, American customers purchased flexible bushing

158 Published by admin Aug 01,2019

When the company opened the computer and had a look at the flexible bushing inquiry, it was: OK, let's do this flexible bushing order then. 10,000 of the flexible bushing for $xxx. How do I make payment? Right through this Website here?

I have a look, what? Excuse me??? This is a slap in the face of purchasing flexible bushing? ? ? So I rushed forward and found that he was looking for it through my marketing day. The first time I contacted me was also a sentence: I said what size and material he wants for flexible bushing.

So I gave the price of the flexible bushing and the photos to the customer, including the details of the flexible bushing and the overall picture.bushing

So people arrogant BOSS gave me such a sentence. I saw that happy is happy, but I was marketing to attract customers, the price is xxxusd, but I recommend him to xxxusd. I changed my mind, he was so concise, I changed the price, he was too troublesome to run again, what should I do? So I quickly went to the domestic trade colleagues, and I recommended him a price similar to flexible bushing at 0.08usd. I explained it to him for a long time, and then drafted a letter insurance order, I said If you look at the right payment, it is not appropriate to talk about it.

Then I will give it to this matter. A few days later, a small number of people who didn't work overtime to find a sister to play suddenly received an email from the buyer who confirmed your order! Then I was forced to do it in an instant, and I felt that it was not true.flexible bushing

The next day I went back to the company and saw that the full amount of flexible bushing had arrived, so I told Big Boss to let him arrange production.

On March 3rd, I sent him several emails every day from March 4th to 7th, asking him to specify the contact details of the freight forwarder. He is ignorant. I can scare me, I thought he lost. The whole person became nervous, thinking that he would have time to look at the mail and send it to him regularly. Later, flexible bushing was done in the warehouse. He finally returned to me on March 9. Still so simple language: I don't have a transport agent. Can you ship them?

Big Brother, you let me give you a chance, at least leave an address ah ~~~~ Then I started a variety of reminder address ~~~~~ N mail gave me the address.

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