After half a year, American customers finally purchased hardened steel bushings.

181 Published by admin Jul 24,2019

This customer has visited our company's website and actively sent the inquiry to our mailbox, Germany, to hardened steel bushings. The content of the inquiry is very detailed, to hardened steel bushings ladder quotes, printed logo fees, with certification fees and so on. If this inquiry is issued by a Hong Kong company or a group inquiry, it will not cause me excitement. It was because I sent it to me one-on-one through the company's website, and I even chased a resend. I know that the cliff is a good inquiry for hardened steel bushings. However, considering that German companies have higher quality products and are mandatory for certification, I once suspected that we could meet his requirements. I dare not neglect, when I quoted the price of hardened steel bushings, I reported the best materials and labor prices.teflon bearings

After adding the customer Skype, we contacted the samples of hardened steel bushings every day. The first time I sent him was our hardened steel bushings. Everything is in the water. After the customer received a sample of hardened steel bushings, I asked him for feedback and said that he was on vacation. It’s hard to wait until the holiday returns, and the customer says that he has to wait for his customer feedback to reply to me. Suddenly I feel a little discouraged, because many follow-up passions will die in "I will keep you posted" or "I will get back to you soon after I get feedback" balabala...teflon bearings

 Fortunately, the customer told me more than half a month that his client was satisfied with the samples of hardened steel bushings. Then I thought about the logo issue. I gave him some suggestions. I also made a rendering to show the customer. The customer took it to his client and asked me to re-report the price of hardened steel bushings. Still as before, he still let me wait, wait, wait, and say that his client confirmed that the thing is very slow. OK, then I will leave him alone. Until the 6th of this month, the manager transferred an email to me, the theme is the eye-catching "XXX-New order of hardened steel bushings", thinking that I was asking for an inquiry. Looking down, the other party directly asked me if I received the following email (I can't figure it out, but this person's signature company is familiar). Looking down, Glad to pass you our order, this is not the customer's list, I forgot him, but gave me a surprise. The mail was written by his colleague, and the first time was made at the end of last month. After 5 or 6 days, I didn't know where to find the emailthat the manager used. See you in the sky! I am so lucky! (But then, the customer doesn't have my Skype, I don't know if skype urges me to go down?) I don't have to repeat it later, everything is going well (I said this is a bit early, after all, the customer just paid the deposit of hardened steel bushings) .

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