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High Temp Oven Bearings – Metal and Ceramic material

32 Published by admin Apr 24,2024

High Temp Oven Bearings -Metal material:Alloy Steel

  Alloy steel is a special type of excellent high temperature resistance material.It is commonly used to manufacture components that need to work in high-temperature environments.Such as aviation engines,gas turbines,chemical equipment,and nuclear energy devices.The specific composition of these steels may vary depending on the application requirements,but generally includes the following elements:
Iron (Fe): As the main basic element,it forms the main body of steel.
Carbon (C): Used to improve hardness and strength.
Chromium (Cr): increases high temperature and corrosion resistance.
Nickel (Ni): improves corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.
Molybdenum (Mo): increases high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.
Vanadium (V): Used to improve the high-temperature resistance of steel.
Titanium (Ti): increases strength and high temperature resistance.
Niobium (Nb): improves antioxidant performance.
Tungsten (W): increases hardness and high temperature resistance.
  Rare earth elements: Sometimes rare earth elements are added to improve heat resistance and corrosion resistance.
  The combination and proportion of these elements vary depending on the specific high-temperature application.Some common alloy steels include stainless steel,austenitic stainless steel,martensitic stainless steel.And other high-temperature alloys.These alloys typically exhibit excellent mechanical and oxidation resistance,making them suitable for use in extreme high temperature environments.

high temp oven bearings steel

High Temp Oven Bearings -Ceramic material:Si3N4

  As an excellent high-temperature engineering material,Si3N4 ceramic material is most advantageous in its application in the field.It has high strength,especially hot pressed silicon nitride.Which is one of the hardest substances in the world.It has properties such as high strength,low density,and high temperature resistance.
  Extremely resistant to high temperatures,the strength can be maintained up to 1200 ℃ without decreasing. After being heated,it won't melt into a molten body and decompose until 1900 ℃.It has amazing chemical corrosion resistance and can withstand almost all inorganic acids.Besides,less than 30% caustic soda solution,as well as the corrosion of many organic acids;It is also a high-performance electrical insulation material. Compared to metal bearings,it has higher accuracy,generates less heat,and can operate at higher temperatures and corrosive media.

high temp oven bearings ceramic

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