Why do Dominica customers purchase our linear rail sliding track

171 Published by admin Jun 13,2019

Another day is that I have been doing foreign trade for a whole year. . . Until last week, I finally got a slightly bigger list of linear rail sliding track. . . $150,000, maybe not for many other foreign traders. . . The individual is already satisfied.

The customer found our company from Ali and sent a linear rail sliding track inquiry, a very unusual inquiry of linear rail sliding track. Place of registration: China, the place of origin: Dominica, the number of linear rail sliding tracks reported is very large. . . When the inquiry of linear rail sliding track was made, it was the year of the New Year last year. In the attitude that I am a novice, I am afraid of who, and I am dedicated to sending a reply to the customer. . . Who wants to reply, saying that it is coming to China on February 10, Nima! ! ! It’s not hard for me, it’s the New Year’s time, what? ? ? Negotiation. . . As a result, the customer said that on the 18th, perfect, the 18th just started to work. . . Full of hope, the East is pulling. . . Finally the customer is not bird melinear rail sliding track 

No.18,No news. On the 20th, say next week, OK, such a big list of linear rail sliding track (although only the number of linear rail sliding track he reported), the customer is God, when do you say when to come. Wait until next week. . . I harassed the customer for a week, didn't reply, didn't come, no matter what. . .

At the beginning of March, in the spirit of harassing and dying 1000, I did not let go of one attitude. I resolutely opened foxmail, prepared a harassment letter and slammed it. I actually replied! ! ! This Saturday (March 9) to Shanghai! ! ! what? Don't make trouble, come again. . . ? Ok, I am honest, honestly, welcome to China, this is my mobile number: XXX, call me when I come, I will pick you up. . .

On March 9th, the ring tones remembered: glad you came (sound English song) ... slammed the answer, let go of hello, the opposite came: hello, I am XXX, I am in Shanghai ....What? ? ? Really! ! !

On March 10th, with the belief of “in we trust”, I went there and took the customer to the factory for a long time. I felt very good. When I left, the customer said: will visit another linear rail sliding track supplier tomorrow. I can say this, oh, huh. On the night of March 11th, the harassment continued, the customer's mouth was very tight, and the information about the other family was not said, I was in a hurry.linear rail

On the morning of March 12th, whatsapp received the customer information, let me hurry to see the mail, the original customer sent the other party's PI of linear rail sliding track to me, finished! ! ! The other party is actually cheaper 0.5 $ of linear rail sliding track!!! We are cheap, 0.5$ is really big. . . Rushing to Shanghai, pulling the sample of the other linear rail sliding track, telling the customer bitterly, you see: the quality of this linear rail sliding track is not a grade, I do not believe that I will take you to the factory to detect the quality of the linear rail sliding track. . . . In the end, I only said one sentence: If there is such a big project, if there is any quality problem with the linear rail sliding track, I can't afford it, I can sign a warranty contract with you. Tobacco. . . Hand in. . . Deal! ! !

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