How do customers who have disappeared for many years come back to place orders from micro miniature bearing co?

282 Published by admin Jul 06,2018

This foreign trade customer cooperated from our micro miniature bearing co  a few years ago. At that time, there were not many things to be asked. There were only a few hundred thousand RMB. After the cooperation was over, the foreign trade customer disappeared. At that time, because it was too far, he was in Latin America of micro miniature bearing co . IIt is so far.We have never seen each other. I used email to follow up and ignored me. I was forgotten by me. After a while, I still had no news. Later I learned Facebook from the forum this year, so I added foreign trade customers, but because of For a long time, I didn't contact, and I wasn't sure if it was him. I gave him a message from FACEBOOK and asked him if he was someone in a certain country. He liked what products he wanted. He didn't reply for many days. After a while, he finally replied. It’s said that he is very happy. I thought that I finally hooked him up again, haha, but leave a message for him and he will not reply! I haven’t responded for a long time, sad, is he going to leave me again?

However, one day I received a phone number from Beijing, saying who he is and who came from there, sent me an email and asked me to add his WeChat. It seems that these foreigners know something about China. Well, after I added WeChat, I saw the foreign trade client in Latin America and asked him how he was the number in Beijing. He said that he studied Chinese in Beijing.micro miniature bearing-1

He sent me a PDF, which is his product, because the micro miniature bearing co in the previous company only made one product. Now the micro miniature bearing co is doing the whole set of products, so most of the things he wants, we have. So I gave him a quote, but the amount is still not very big. He said that they are small dealers, but the price is OK, but the problem is coming. Just looking at the pictures is not sure whether the product is what he wants, he was very worry, I want to send samples to him, make sure, but so many samples are metal parts. How much does it cost? And the key is how to do if I send a sample but the customer doesn't believe it? So I thought of a way to let foreign trade customers come to visit us, deepen the impression, at least let him see our big warehouse, let him know how our strength? Is it more able to increase the success weight! We are very close to Beijing here, and it takes more than an hour by car. So we told the foreign trade customers to let him come to Baoding. The car is very close, so I said that foreign trade customers are not willing to come. Oh, no way, foreign trade customers are too Lazy! Stick to let me send samples! So I thought of another way, let foreign trade customers take the subway to a subway station in the South Fifth Ring Road, we will pick him up, so that there is no need to enter the Beijing area, and not very traffic jam, hahaha this way is very good, with foreign trade The customer said that he also agreed, haha, the foreign trade customers hooked into the bowl!micro miniature bearing-2

So, the customer spoke slowly, very gentleman, showed him our big micro miniature bearing  warehouse, our micro miniature bearing co, and found some things he wanted. Started negotiations.

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