What is the difference of motor bearing types process

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Everyone knows that the demand for bearings on some machines is still relatively large. It is an indispensable component in machinery and equipment because the bearings can be used to reduce the friction of the machine during operation to extend the service life of the equipment. To ensure the accuracy of the product and greatly increase production efficiency. motor bearing types-1
Then What is the difference of motor bearing types process ? The first is the requirement of good heat resistance, high temperature resistance, general bearings are divided into, can be rolled, we call it a rolling bearing and there is a sliding bearing, we call it For the plain bearing, we use this kind of rolling bearing. Determine the diameter of the bearing according to the stepping demand. Let's look at the combination of the stepping of the bearing. There is a bearing outer ring and a bearing inner ring. The structure of the ball and seal ring is relatively simple. The outer surface is made of high-quality bearing steel. This can relieve the bearing running under high-speed rotation and high load, causing the entire bearing to appear mechanically weak. As well as shedding, damage to the bearing so the stepper motor bearings have been specially processed and added special materials, which greatly increase the use of the limit, 3-5 times higher than the ordinary bearings, the wear resistance of the entire bearing is also the traditional bearing 1 -2 times the entire bearing is rotated to ensure that the lubricating oil is sufficient, these also can reduce the friction of the bearing and thus protect the bearing Effect.

Because motor bearing types are used in the motor, the quality of the lubricant must be good. If the lubricant with poor quality is prone to appear in the magazine, not only will the effect of lubrication not be achieved, but it will also increase the reaction, causing the magazine to enter the bearing, causing the bearing to be damaged and increase. Friction, and at the same time because it is in the case of lubrication, it is often the case that the magazine will also cause the bearing to rust when it is lubricated. For a long time, it has a great influence on the bearing. It is also very strict in the production process, whether it is cold or hot processing. Quenching is better than ordinary bearings, especially in the chemical addition ratio is very important, can be considered a core process.In the impurity control is also very strict, a good bearing can be maintenance-free during the lifetime of the motor, the installation process is also very important requirements can not be controlled from the perspective must be good, can not be heavy to knock, to Take care to install the merging seam to make sure the entire operation is smooth.motor bearing types

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