After two years of negotiations, customers from Southeast Asia finally purchased nu 216 bearing

96 Published by May 13,2019

A Southeast Asian customer who recently traded, the first time I talked about the details and price of the nu 216 bearing was in 2013, and then I came to the factory for an interview in 2014. I remember that it was September 29 and I also vowed. Say, after October 1st, the payment for nu 216 bearing will be paid. We are quite happy, because it is just after the National Day that we have silver. However, after the entire October, there is no news; from November to March of 2015, there is still no news. During the period, the customer also used other names and emails to inquire about the market, and the price of the nu 216 bearing they waited for was the same. Two of them were emails from our Mid-Autumn Festival and Spring Festival. Because of the carelessness of the customers and the fact that they did not remove the real name, we only know their ulterior 216 bearing

In April of 2015, the client suddenly said that she was coming to China. I want to come to see me. This is good. It is what you are looking for, and it is decided after about two years of thinking and comparison.

At that time, I happened to go to the fair and told her that we met at the fair. The meeting of the fair was also in a hurry. Of course, this time it was more realistic. After the trade fair came back, the customer followed me to the factory for further bargaining. Really a rare customer, everything is accurate, everything is free, and the freight has to be compared by his friends. I simply told her that there is no need to compare, the freight forwarding will use yours.

Ok, I have decided on the style of the nu 216 bearing, and I have to make my own set. The port information is constantly changing and constantly changing. Why, just to save a few dollars. It’s hard to decide everything, and they say they have a month’s holiday. Don’t make nu 216 bearing first, and then produce nu 216 bearing after the holiday.Cylindrical Bearing

I finally hoped that the stars, the moon, and the deposit of nu 216 bearing, are the insufficient amount after deducting the bank fee. (The nu 216 bearing is all out, all the photos are required, the photo is finished, and the nu 216 bearing is waiting. The balance of the money, suddenly said that it can be paid after the goods are gone. I firmly refused, it was originally a contract, and I came back to regret it. Under my insistence, she had to pay the balance of nu 216 bearing. Nu 216 bearing is to be sent, and it is especially accountable. When loading the cabinet, take photos, and install more, and we will give her more than a dozen empty cartons for free. My God, is the profit margin of our factory so big? This is free, the free one, but also to send this, send that, can not stand it. Nu 216 bearing has not been finished yet, and I will see the bill of lading soon. I said it is not so fast. She said that they have to take a vacation again and have no time to wait.

I did a container nu 216 bearing, and after waiting for more than 2 years, I was drunk!But fortunately, I finally got the deal!

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