Do you want pillow block bearing housing?

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Pillow block bearing housing is a kind of large and extra-large bearing seat which can accept comprehensive load and special structure.Where there are bearings, there are support points, the bearing of the inner support point is the shaft, the outer support is often said that the bearing seat.
Because a bearing can choose different pillow block bearing housing, and a pillow block bearing housing at the same time can choose different types of bearing, so, bring a variety of pillow block bearing housing.Bearing housing fast easy you have included, many large foreign bearing companies have their own pillow block bearing housing type.

precision pillow block bearing housing

However, the mark of the same bearing seat model is not exactly the same in the samples of different companies.For different application of standard bearing housing, the pillow block bearing housing of different materials can be selected, such as gray cast iron, ductile iron and cast steel, stainless steel, plastic special bearing housing.
Pillow block bearing housing and suitable bearings combine to form an economical, interchangeable bearing unit that meets the design requirements of easy maintenance.

pillow block bearing housing
Wear as the most common bearing housing problems, bearing housing wear phenomenon is often occurring.
The traditional method usually adopts machining after surfacing welding to repair, and surfacing welding will make the surface of the parts reach a very high temperature, cause deformation or crack of the parts, and greatly prolong the downtime due to the size obtained by machining.The polymer composite material is used for on-site repair, which has no thermal impact and no limit on repair thickness. The wear resistance of the product and the compromise that the metal material does not have ensure the 100% contact of the repair site, reduce the impact and vibration of the equipment and avoid the possibility of wear.Field repair to avoid machining methods.
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