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Plain bearing pillow block is high quality bearing

25 Published by admin May 28,2024

Plain bearing pillow block is a bearing unit that combines a rolling bearing with a bearing seat.Most outer spherical bearings are made into spherical outer diameters and installed together with imported bearing seats with spherical inner holes, with diverse structural forms, good universality and interchangeability.
Special attention should be paid to these four issues when using plain bearing pillow block
Pollution can cause premature damage to plain bearing pillow block; Pollution mainly refers to the entry of sand, dust, metal shavings, etc. into the interior of bearings. The main reasons include: opening the bearing packaging too early before use, causing pollution.
Suggestion: It is best not to open the packaging of plain bearing pillow block before use; Maintain a clean installation environment and clean the bearings to be used during installation.

plain bearing pillow block
2、 Poor lubrication
According to the investigation, poor lubrication is one of the main reasons for premature damage to plain bearing pillow block. The main reasons include: failure to add lubricants or lubricating oil in a timely manner.
Suggestion: Choose the correct lubricant or oil and use the correct lubrication method.
3、 Improper installation
1. The direct impact of brute force on plain bearing pillow block during installation causes the greatest damage and is the main cause of deformation.
2. Inadequate installation, installation deviation or failure to install in bearing position, resulting in too small bearing clearance.
Suggestion: Choose appropriate or professional bearing installation tools, and use specialized instruments for testing after installation.

plain bearing pillow block
4、 Fatigue
Fatigue ring breakage is a common way of bearing damage. The common causes of fatigue damage may be: long-term overload operation of bearings; Failure to repair in a timely manner.
Suggestion: Choose an appropriate type of plain bearing pillow block and replace fatigue bearings regularly and promptly.
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