My clients and I – Netherlands customer purchases roller ball bearing casters

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The first one took 2 months of follow-up and worked hard to get the order of roller ball bearing casters, mail 100+, order-2 Netherlands, distributor

The little girl entered the current company at the end of May 2008. At that time, I didn’t understand it. I would have a few words of English. I would reply to some inquiries with the mailbox of the domestic manager A. Unfortunately, now I have the mail records, and I look at myself later. The mail in the mailbox, I still remember that from June 8th to August 2nd, I used the name of A to contact. After making the order of roller ball bearing casters, the customer didn't know that there was a person called Grace. Vaguely remembered the kind of grievances at that time, so after completing the order of the roller ball bearing casters, I applied for his own mailbox, and quickly told the customer that I was in contact. roller ball bearing casters

The moment I received the payment list of roller ball bearing casters, I still remember very clearly that the water list of 2632USD received a fax, cheers, high-five, and very happy when I was dancing with my colleagues in the office~! However, the delivery is a bit of a twist, because it is the customer's own freight forwarding, because the roller ball bearing casters with a little oil, the freight forwarding said there will be risks, I can only explain with the customer, let the customer choose our own freight forwarding, but The customer couldn't understand at the time, his email reply was always so streamlined, and finally the deal was unsuccessful, or he risked sending the roller ball bearing casters through the customer's own freight forwarder.

Roller ball bearing casters arrived smoothly, but unfortunately, I don’t know if this is a small twist. After the delivery, the customer has no news since then! Later, after sending 3 or 2 emails, the customer still did not reply (it was lazy at that time, so there was less follow-up)ball bearing

Until March 4, 2010, the info mailbox received his enquiry of roller ball bearing casters, and the title was A. Click to view the original picture. At that time, my colleague assigned the enquiry. She had fewer customers in the Netherlands before, so it was coincidental that this customer was The enquiry was transferred to me, and the fate once again tied us together for a short time. The order for the second roller ball bearing casters was more than 6K. The process went smoothly, and the customer remembered it. After I ordered the Grace.roller ball bearing casters, the customer once again ignored the person!

During the period, I sent 3 tickets for the roller ball bearing casters, a Christmas greeting. After the quote for the third new roller ball bearing casters, he took care of me. For a more detailed picture, contacted for 2 months. , did not make an order, I know that the last ordered roller ball bearing casters have been sold out, now I think there is no re-sale, it is a pity~

In July, August, August, the mail in the past, no reply, just another one, I will continue to "harass" him, (this harassment refers to the way and time for his own follow-up, haha, I am lazy) I will also follow my own hard work. In addition to issuing a quotation form and selling products, I will use more methods until I get his approval again~! Why did he reply so short? Is it bad in English? So today I used a line of English, a line of Dutch mail,Continue to cheer ~

If you need any brand bearings or any models of bearings, please contact me!

Contact: Grace
MP/Whatsapp: 008618668903871

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