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High Quality Stainless Roller Bearings

37 Published by admin Mar 27,2024

High Quality Stainless Roller Bearings

Stainless Roller Bearings - Tapered Roller Bearing

  The tapered roller bearing belongs to the separated type bearing, and both the inner and outer rings of the bearing have tapered raceways. This type of bearing is divided into different structural types based on the number of rows of installed rollers, such as single row, double row, and four row tapered roller bearings. Single row tapered roller bearings can withstand radial loads and axial loads in a single direction. When the bearing is subjected to radial load, an axial force will be generated, so another bearing capable of withstanding opposite axial forces is needed for balance.
  Classification: single column, double column, four column. The clearance of single row tapered roller bearings needs to be adjusted by the user during installation; The clearance between the double and four rows has been given according to user requirements at the time of product delivery and does not require user adjustment.
  Widely used in industries such as automobiles, rolling mills, mines, metallurgy, plastic machinery, etc.

stainless roller bearings single stainless roller bearings double

Stainless Roller Bearings - Cylindrical Roller Bearing

The internal structure of cylindrical roller bearings adopts a parallel arrangement of rollers, with spacing retainers or isolation blocks installed between the rollers to prevent tilting or friction between the rollers, effectively preventing an increase in rotational torque.
  According to the presence or absence of retaining edges on the ring, there are single row cylindrical roller bearings such as NU, NJ, NUP, N, NF, and double row cylindrical roller bearings such as NNU and NN. This bearing is a separable structure with inner and outer rings.
Suitable for bearing heavy loads; Low friction coefficient, suitable for high speed; The inner or outer ring can be separated for easy installation and disassembly.
  Applied to large and medium-sized electric motors, locomotives and vehicles, machine tool spindles, internal combustion engines, generators, gas turbines, gearboxes, rolling mills, vibrating screens, and lifting and transportation machinery.

stainless roller bearings cylindrical

Stainless Roller Bearings - Eccentric Roller Bearing

Eccentric bearing is a very important bearing in cycloidal gear reducers. Mainly including the outer ring, inner ring, rolling element flower basket, and rolling element. The eccentric bearing has a simple structure and is easy to use, greatly simplifying the eccentric mechanism. At the same time, it saves labor, time, and assembly for the mechanical processing of the eccentric mechanism.
  Features: The inner hole of the inner ring is an eccentric hole, with a longitudinal keyway on the inner wall of the eccentric hole.
  Application: Gear reducers, petrochemical, textile, metallurgical, mining, steel mills, light and heavy machinery, etc.

stainless roller bearings eccentric

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