How to maintain v groove cnc bearings?

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CNC machining center is mainly used for machining parts,v groove cnc bearing, however, determines the bearing capacity of a machining center. If the bearing performance is good, the bearing load will be large. Therefore, we should do the daily maintenance of the bearing, so as to maintain the best performance of CNC machining center and prolong the service life of the bearing.So CNC machining center how to maintain the v groove cnc bearing?Let's take a look:

v groove cnc bearing
1, first put the v groove cnc bearing into the gasoline to clean, wipe the residual oil and dust on the v groove cnc bearing, all the bearing rust with metallographic sandpaper gently wipe and polish, until no rough feeling by hand.
2. Wipe the cleaned v groove cnc bearings dry with dry rags and soak them in rust-proof oil.In this process, the bearing should be completely in contact with the anti-rust oil, not stop rotating the bearing, so that the oil film formed by the anti-rust oil can cover the surface of the bearing, to achieve the purpose of anti-rust.

v groove cnc
3. Next, evenly apply lithium base grease and butter to the surface of the v groove cnc bearing, including inner and outer rings, wheels and cage.And is the side to wipe the rotating bearing, so that the butter really into the inside of the bearing, play a full role in lubrication.
The correct operation and maintenance of CNC equipment can prevent abnormal wear of machine tools and avoid sudden failure of machine tools.The careful maintenance of the machine can maintain the long-term stability of the machining accuracy and extend the service life of the machine.This work must be highly valued and implemented from the management level of the factory!
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