My customer’s customers are very satisfied with our 1 inch bore bearing

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After returning from Guangzhou, my client and I started a Marathi inquiry. There is an inquiry for 1 inch bore bearing almost every day. After the report is over, there is no news. Finally, the customer gave us a price of 1 inch bore bearing, and the boss said that the boss also agreed. The order for 1 inch bore bearing on October 25 was my first order. When the order of 1 inch bore bearing was completed, the Guangzhou customer also came to the factory to see it. It was quite satisfactory and climbed the Great Wall together. It was at the end of November, and the cold face was red. In December, the customers of Guangzhou customers were from the United States, and they came to see the 1 inch bore bearing. Also very satisfied. The goods were shipped out until January 23. However, I learned that this order has no profit. It was the boss who took the confidence to let me accept it because the boss is very unhappy. Thank you for your support.pillow block bearing

On February 25, 2013, the Guangzhou customer placed another order for 1 inch bore bearing. The order for this 1 inch bore bearing was very smooth and the process was very difficult. Why do you say that? Because the customer told me before the payment, he was in a hurry, I hope we can produce as soon as possible and shorten the production cycle. I told the boss, the boss said yes, let him make a payment for 1 inch bore bearing and we will arrange production. So the customer's money was played. After about 5 days, the customer asked me how the grinding tool was produced. I said it was in production. After another 10 days, the customer asked me how the grinding tool of 1 inch bore bearing was. I still said that in the production, the customer wants a picture of 1 inch bore bearing, and I can't give it. This customer is anxious to say that they will not cooperate with us. I asked the boss why the abrasive tools have not been made yet. The boss said that I will deliver the goods according to the contract date. Why do customers intervene in our production arrangements? I have no choice but to explain to the client that we will do our best. Customers don’t listen to this at all, they say we have no credibility. I also can't figure out a bit, why the 10 days have not been done. The feeling of speaking is not a word. After the boss said, you should not give me pressure, you have to help me find a way to explain the problem. In fact, I know that the customer has asked, can it be completed in 30 days? The boss also said yes, but when I signed the contract, I still pushed back for half a month according to the normal time. The customer asked urgently, I said, we must complete the time according to the contract. The customer said that I verbally promised him, time, and then wrote another time with the same person. I can't help it either. The contract is approved by both of us. Isn't it? Finally, it has passed. About 10 days from the delivery date of 1 inch bore bearing, the customer asked me if I could complete 1 inch bore bearing 2 days in advance, I said as much as possible. Later, the customer asked the specific delivery date, I said that it can only be delivered according to the contract date, the customer will be on fire. I can't advance in two days. You promised to go to this result as soon as possible. I didn't understand it at the time, but I understand it now. Because this customer has a great opinion on me, I directly call the boss to say that my information is not accurate. There is a problem with communication. To explain, the Chinese translation of the customer is also a collaborator. My client does not speak Chinese. I have learned a lot from this matter. I have to deal with foreign clients. Just explain the results. After I try not to mention them, sometimes the explanation is worse. If you can't do it, you can't do it. Don't say try, try hard, and so on. When you say it, the customer is serious. There was no way to end it later. Second 1 inch bore bearing.The order of 1 inch bore bearing was issued on May 1. The rough calculation is over. The boss still has no profit for 1 inch bore bearing.1 inch bore bearing

In the middle of this, I received an order for a 1 inch bore bearing from a US customer, saying that it is really refreshing to go to this customer. I love it. Received an enquiry from March 13 to 1 inch bore bearing
The order is signed on March 19th, and it is efficient. And the price of 1 inch bore bearing is also very good. Ship on April 30th.

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