Full of twists and turns of Libya’s v groove bearing rail orders

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I met with FB at the customer. I first chatted with Messenger. I learned that he came to the Canton Fair in 2005. Later, he has never been to the national political reasons. There are also freight forwarders in Guangzhou. When you consult the v groove bearing rail products, I have seen the picture of v groove bearing rail, reported the price of v groove bearing rail, I feel that I still have the hope to place an order of v groove bearing rail, but I have not received a call on Messenger once... No matter how to send a message to the customer, I have not responded. Although sometimes the display has a look, but when it is re-issued, there is no "read" word; the heart is cool.

But I didn't give up. From the beginning of June to the middle of the year, I occasionally talked to him at WhatsApp. On June 26, he finally returned to me, telling me that I still want the v groove bearing rail, I want to send v groove bearing rail. The v groove bearing rail picture to my mailbox (in fact, I have sent our v groove bearing rail picture to him for confirmation), the first time email informed me, I am sorry that I have not been online for a long time, the phone on Messenger is his smallest small When the child called, he didn't know that the phone was always held by the child, so sometimes he couldn't get back my information. For me, these are not important. The important thing is that your reply made me see The dawn of opportunity cooperation, the v groove bearing rail is discussed all the way down.v groove guide bearing

The quotation and the confirmation of the v groove bearing rail are all in stock. He said that he would first pay the freight forwarder, then let the freighter arrive at our stall to give cash, and let me give him a $3 discount. It was Thursday, they were closed on Friday and Saturday, but we had a rest on Sunday, so he said that next Monday's payment, then pay next Monday to pay next Monday, not bad this day.

On Monday, I confirmed with him whether he had paid the v groove bearing rail. On Wednesday, he gave me a contact information for the domestic freight forwarding, let me contact him. Directly call to indicate your intention, and tell him that the customer has said that the payment has come over. He said that it seems to be the case, then add WeChat for further communication, and confirm with the customer whether the payment of v groove bearing rail has already reached their account, and then take a screenshot. There is evidence that the freight forwarder has said the truth. After all, the person who asks for the request still has a good attitude. He sincerely told him that he hopes to cooperate with my work, arrange the payment for the v-groove bearing rail, and then we will immediately prepare the v groove bearing rail for the customer, the result is a 360-degree turn, how long have you been in contact with the customer? Is it the first time to cooperate? The customer gave me the money, because I didn’t worry about letting me pay for it? Otherwise, he will directly pay you money, you will cooperate with me, the goods will be sent immediately to pay the v groove bearing rail, 2 minutes to arrive, everyone is good...v guide bearing

When I heard this, was it immediately blown up? But even if you are angry, you have to find a way to take him down. It is best not to hit hard. In order to dispel his doubts, send us the picture and address of the stall, and invite him to come to us to see it. Anyway, we are doing business in a frank manner. Since you are so responsible, we also welcome you to help customers. Inspection, people can be embarrassed, I am only responsible for the money. I just want to swear, but I can only sneak in my heart. After I finish, I still have to work hard to get it. The result is that you can pay the deposit first, but the last item has to be delivered to their warehouse and paid. So horizontally, I certainly disagree. Negotiations were interrupted.

I went directly to the customer to explain the matter. He didn't look back at first. He said that the person in Libya also told him when he paid. However, what he told me before paying was to let the freight forwarder directly take the US dollar to us. The cash is paid, but regardless of the US dollar or the RMB, regardless of the transfer or WeChat, we are ok, then the customer said that he is going to communicate with the people on their side... The communication is aborted, and after a day, ask the customer The customer said that his son & father were hospitalized. He was late at night from 4 am, especially tired. . .v groove bearing rail

As soon as I heard him, my first reaction was that this problem should be solved by myself. Fortunately, when the customer confirmed the v groove bearing rail order, several v groove bearing rails had already told the boss that they had stocked in advance, and then Pretend to communicate with the boss to agree with the payment method of the freight forwarding (in fact, I know that some colleagues have done this, but as a novice still have to ask); then find the freight to pay the v groove bearing rail deposit, this is very refreshing, Didn't say direct WeChat transfer, hey, you are so embarrassed, I will definitely not let you go, directly count the total *30%  of v groove bearing rail to him, he said that the money in WeChat is not enough, let me return, the next day together Transfer, the money to get back has the truth to return, directly and confidently said to him the rest of tomorrow, to the next day, in the morning, directly tell him the deposit of the remaining v groove bearing rail, then say the afternoon payment of v groove bearing rail in the afternoon, a symbolic reminder, the very cool money of v groove bearing rail will arrive. . . Suddenly found that this very disciplined person is also very refreshing.

The v groove bearing rail deposit is received, all in stock, the other two v groove bearing rails can be packaged as planned as long as they are in stock. On the afternoon of the 31st, the v groove bearing rail was successfully issued, and the v groove bearing rail was also received as scheduled.

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