Which 608 bearing types are produced in Jinan Maolei Bearing Co.,Ltd.?

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After 10 days of hard work, I met the first Turkish customer through the inquiry of the international station. I took a sample of 608 bearing types of silicon nitride ceramics, very few, but it was really exciting at the time. When I replied to the inquiry of 608 bearing types , I was very careful. It may be that Huang Tian pays off, and the first customer is here. Later, I came to Dubai customers, and the sample list of 608 bearing types continued. It didn't take long for my supervisor to directly propose that I write a correct application, and I successfully transformed into a formal employee. Various HAPPY!
There are a lot of customers in the middle who have the intention to cooperate, and they have been following, but there is basically no big order. I am also sad! I can’t always be a sample list. How do you mix in the company?608 bearing types full ceramic

Until June 2012, I finally met an American customer and placed an order of 608 bearing types. All the orders from 608 bearing types to the production of 608 bearing types until the final shipment and the documents have to be operated by themselves. I don't understand very well. My supervisor has been patiently teaching, thank you very much. American customers pay a variety of things very refreshing, we have also become very good friends, Christmas time also sent his BABY photos, through this customer, my experience is my professionalism is not enough, but each I write from the customer's side when I write the email, and I am more or less progressing over time. Later, there are also returns, it is quite gratifying!
Of course, the customer is quite professional and tells me directly what information he needs for customs clearance. This kind of customer is the best teacher!

The second good customer is from Kuwait.
One night, I called the 608 bearing type bearing steel inner and outer ring silicon nitride ceramic ball. I really didn't want to pick it up, but I still have to pick it up. I promised that he will quote the 608 bearing types the next day. Although it is a weekend, the customer must be efficient in finding a quote. It is a kingly way to respond quickly! Quickly make a quotation, the customer replies quite quickly, especially enthusiastic, then everyone is familiar, and jokingly said to send me jewelry, of course, I am not ruthless, do not accept bribes! Haha! Occasionally talk about the price of 608 bearing types, but the payment of 608 bearing types is very fast. A lot of emails every day, did not reply to him in time, it was directly SKYPE. Later, with his 608 bearing types, it was a bit tangled, but he was really 608 bearing types

The third customer is from Ecuador.
This is an inquiry for stainless steel 608 bearing types customers, I will reply according to the standard format, ask well, brief introduction to myself, and then ask his request according to the inquiry of stainless steel 608 bearing types, although sometimes poor, but he The reply is still very quick. It can be seen that not all South Americans are dragging their feet. It’s almost a matter of going to a few emails. The PI of the stainless steel 608 bearing types is made, and the deposit is started. Although the customer did not say the schedule, I am an acute child. Fortunately, I consulted the technical manager. The usual relationship was not bad. At this time, I was also enthusiastic about helping me. I told my reasonable unit that it was successfully produced. The balance of the follow-up stainless steel 608 bearing types is also fast. I think this feeling is quite good. The guest told me that the bill of lading disappeared for half a month after the original operation. I was very anxious at the time. After a few days, suddenly there was a bad news. His son told my father that he had passed away. Although I never met, I was very uncomfortable at the time. I wrote a long letter to express my sorrow. Open the business, the human condition is still there! How good a person is, no such thing as no warning, and gave me an order while I was still, but I did not find that he was sick. Really careless! I really want to apologize sincerely. . .

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