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With the transformation and upgrading of China's equipment manufacturing industry,high-precision bearings have become the core constraints of the development of equipment manufacturing industry.precision bearings supplier of Jinan Maolei Bearing Co.,Ltd. Since its inception,the company has been "importing imported precision bearings" as the company's development goal, and is committed to the research and development of key technologies for precision bearings such as noise reduction and life extension of precision bearings, and has obtained a large number of technical achievements and patents, enabling Jinan Maolei Bearing Co., Ltd. Become a small number of high precision steering suppliers and manufacturers in China that can produce ABCE9, ABCE11

Precision bearings supplier of Jinan Maolei Bearing Co.,ltd. produces ultra-precision bearings ranging in diameter from 8mm to 620mm, bearing specifications of more than 1,000; annual output of various types of precision bearings 1.2 million sets. The products of precision bearings supplier are used in spacecraft such as Shenzhou spacecraft, Changyu lunar probes and a variety of sophisticated military equipment; and Precision bearings supplier bearings are widely used in precision CNC machine tools, mechanical spindles, high-speed wire metallurgy equipment, photovoltaic power generation equipment, high-speed high-precision mechanical equipment. , high temperature and corrosion resistant mechanical equipment, aerospace and other fields; and exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.precision bearings supplier in China

Precision bearings supplier of Jinan Maolei Bearing Co.,Ltd. Office and plant area of 23,000 square meters, more than 260 employees; now has more than 360 sets of various types of equipment (including more than 260 automatic CNC bearing equipment), such as: CNC Lathe, CNC grinding machine, CNC machining center, CNC heat treatment equipment. More than 500 bearing testing equipment and instruments; for example: roundness meter, projector, metallographic microscope, vibrometer.

Precision bearings supplier of Jinan Maolei Bearing Co.,Ltd. All high-precision bearing raw materials use special stainless steel, high-temperature bearing steel and other high-end bearing materials, using vacuum furnaces and other equipment to carry out special processing of product parts, thus ensuring the product The inherent quality has greatly extended the service life of the bearing.precision bearings supplier

Precision bearings supplier of Jinan Maolei Bearing Co.,Ltd. has established a research and development department since its establishment. Precision bearings supplier has more than 50 senior engineers and technicians specializing in bearing design and processing technology and dozens of bearing turners, grinding and inspection. , heat treatment, assembly, electromechanical repair senior technician.

Precision bearings supplier of Jinan Maolei Bearing Co.,Ltd. The core technologies in precision bearing vibration, noise, sealing, lubrication, bearing life, etc., such as: high-speed super-precision angular contact ball bearing manufacturing technology, flexible bearing manufacturing technology, long life High-speed stainless steel bearing manufacturing technology, high-precision large-scale bearing manufacturing technology.

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