”608 bearing” that were once in short supply still the Legend of the Bearing Industry

309 Published by admin Jun 01,2018

608 bearing industry is bearing the most common bearing.However, in recent years it has undergone a tremendous change.
Twenty years ago, the premium 608 bearing was able to buy only one set for only $0.05 .mainly used for air conditioning, power tools and other equipment.The ordinary 608 bearings are generally used for scooters, ice skates, door and window pulleys, etc.
Due to different uses,bearing 608 is divided into iron, carbon steel, trenching, super-fine grinding groove, bearing steel.Its price ranges from $0.05 to $0.8.

608 bearing once hot-selling,many foreign merchants have made bulk purchases in Shandong.
It is understood that: Since the 608 steel ball was once out of stock,someone put beans into the bearing instead of steel balls.This behavior also caused them to pay a heavy price for this

MaoLei Bearing has always believed that without quality, there would be no market, and no credit development would be difficult.After more than 20 years of development,Maolei Bearing not only owns its own brand, but also sells many world-renowned imported bearings.608 bearing China bearing suppliers

2016 advent of a new toy: a fingertip gyro.One gyro uses four sets of 608 bearing, and the intermediate 608 requires a long idle time.3 sleeve Asia 608 can press the color cover on the line. Fingertip gyros have a tremendous demand for 608 bearings.According to statistics, Maolei Bearing has 3-4 logistics to Guangdong Port, and every day, they send 608 bearings to 20 tons (about 2 million sets).That is, there are 600-800 million sets of 608 bearing sent from Maolei Bearing to other countries every day.
It has been going on for more than a month. The cheapest 608 has also risen from$0.1 to $0.8. In the ordinary course of this price, it is impossible to think about it. At present, there are several receiving goods that are still reciprocating.

Gyros created a 608 bearing miracle.Fingertip gyroscopes also have a certain role in relieving stress,
certain kinds of hypnotic work, and withdrawal of tobacco addiction, alcohol addiction and other non-physical dependence diseases.608 bearing China suppliers

17 years ago, 608 bearing was in short supply.This year 608 is again in short supply.
A few years ago before delivery also often have customers owe money,
This year 608 bearing changed this situation.Even if the payment arrives, you must queue up for delivery.
I believe it can still be hot for a long time

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