Small size 689 rs bearing feature

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689 rs bearing is suitable for all kinds of industrial equipment, small rotary motors and other high-speed and low-noise fields, such as: office equipment, micro motors, instrumentation, laser engraving, small clocks, soft drives, pressure rotors, dental drills, hard drives Motors, stepping motors, video recorder drums, toy models, computer cooling fans, currency counters, fax machines, etc. related fields

About 40% of the failures of 689 rs bearing are caused by dust, dirt, debris contamination and corrosion. Pollution is usually caused by incorrect use and poor use environment. It can also cause torque and noise problems. Miniature bearing failures caused by the environment and pollution can be prevented, and the cause of such failures can be determined by simple visual observation. As long as the use and installation are reasonable, the erosion of 689 rs bearing is easy to avoid. The feature of erosion is that there are indentations on the raceway of the miniature bearing ring caused by impact load or incorrect installation. Erosion usually occurs when the load exceeds the yield limit of the material. If the installation is not correct so that a certain load traverses the miniature bearing ring, corrosion will also occur. The pressure crater on the miniature bearing ring will also generate noise, vibration and additional torque.689 rs bearing

Because the causes of 689 rs bearing heating are different, the solution is also different. The following is the solution when the temperature of 689 rs bearing is overheated:
1. Grease filling method. The so-called grease filling method is to fill the working surface of the bearing with an appropriate amount of grease regularly, which is the most commonly used grease lubrication method.
2. The oil cup method. The oil cup method is to set a screw cap oil cup or a pressure oil cup on the bearing seat, rotate the cap regularly or use a grease gun to inject grease. This is also a commonly used grease lubrication method.
3. Pressure grease supply method. Pressure grease supply method relies on grease pump for grease supply. At this time, grease with good fluidity should be selected.
4. Centralized grease supply method. The centralized grease supply method supplies grease to various deep groove ball bearings and other parts at the same time through a grease pump. Similarly, at this time, the grease should be a grease with good fluidity, oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance, which is also a pressure grease method.

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