In the four stages of 6006 z bearing failure, when is the best time to replace the bearing?

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The 6006 z bearing is the most widely used in rotating machinery, and it is also one of the most vulnerable components. Many failures of rotating machinery are related to rolling bearings. The performance of the bearing has a great influence on the working state of the machinery. Its defects can cause abnormal vibration and noise of the equipment, and even damage the equipment in severe cases. Correct condition monitoring and diagnosis of rolling bearings is an important aspect of equipment optimization management and predictive maintenance of modern enterprises.6006 ball bearing

The four stages of the development of 6006 z bearing failure:

Corresponding to the structure of the 6006 z bearing, the 6006 z bearing has 4 types of failure frequencies: bearing cage failure frequency, bearing rolling element failure frequency, bearing outer ring failure frequency, bearing inner ring failure frequency. For these bearing failure frequencies, there are special mathematical calculation formulas, but calculations are more troublesome in actual work, and the more convenient method is to use special software to obtain them.

The first stage is the embryonic stage of the failure of the 6006 z bearing. At this time, the temperature is normal, the noise is normal, and the total vibration speed and frequency spectrum are normal, but the total peak energy and frequency spectrum have signs, reflecting the initial stage of bearing failure. At this time, the real bearing failure frequency appears in the range of about 20-60khz in the ultrasonic section.

In the second stage, the temperature is normal, the noise increases slightly, the total vibration speed increases slightly, and the vibration frequency spectrum does not change significantly, but the peak energy increases greatly, and the frequency spectrum becomes more prominent. The bearing failure frequency at this time appears in the range of about 500hz-2khz.6006 bearing

In the third stage, the temperature rises slightly, noise can be heard, the total amount of vibration velocity increases greatly, and the bearing fault frequency and its harmonics and sidebands are clearly visible on the vibration velocity spectrum, and the noise level on the vibration velocity spectrum is obvious. Increase, the total amount of peak energy becomes larger than the second stage, and the frequency spectrum is more prominent. At this time, the bearing failure frequency appears in the range of about 0-1khz. It is recommended that the 6006 z bearing be replaced in the later stage of the third stage, then the rolling bearing failure characteristics such as wear and tear that can be seen with the naked eye should have appeared at this time.

In the fourth stage, the temperature increased significantly, the noise intensity changed significantly, the total vibration velocity and the total vibration displacement increased significantly, and the 6006 z bearing failure frequency on the vibration velocity spectrum began to disappear and was replaced by a larger random broadband high-frequency noise level; The total amount of peak energy increases rapidly, and some unstable changes may occur. The 6006 z bearing must not be operated in the fourth stage of failure development, otherwise catastrophic damage may occur.6006 z bearing

According to the research results, in general, if the entire service life of a 6006 z bearing is counted from the time the bearing is installed and put into use, the bearing is normal in its first >80% service life. And then corresponding to the development of rolling bearing failure, the remaining life in the first stage is 10% to >20% L10, the second stage is 5%-10% L10, the third stage is 1% to 5% L10, and the fourth stage is about It is 1h or 1%L10.

Therefore, when facing 6006 z bearing problems in actual work, considering that the fourth stage of 6006 z bearing failure development has unforeseen sudden hazards, it is recommended to replace the 6006 z bearings in the later stage of the third stage, so as to avoid the expansion of failures and more serious accidents. It can ensure the service life of the 6006 z bearing as much as possible, and it is more convincing based on the fact that the bearing has also been seen by the naked eye at this time, such as wear and component damage. As for the identification of the later stage of the third stage of 6006 z bearing fault development, it needs to be comprehensively considered based on the above theoretical characteristics combined with the actual temperature, noise, speed spectrum, peak energy spectrum, the total trend of speed and peak energy, and actual experience.

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