abec 11 ceramic bearings application

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Abec 11 ceramic bearings are generally divided into two types, one is full ceramic bearing, the other is part of the ceramic bearing.It is easy to understand that the so-called all-ceramic bearing is the inner ring, outer ring and ball bearing made of ceramic materials.For some ceramic bearings, we often see that the ball is usually ceramic, and the inner ring and outer ring are still made of steel.

original abec 11 ceramic bearings
Earlier abec 11 ceramic bearings used composite alumina ceramics, which had the advantage of being very hard.Additional, still have those who use compound oxidation silicon, but the hardness of the ceramic bearing that uses this kind of material is a bit lower than alumina a bit, the characteristic with these common material is brittleness is bigger.Now the main ceramic bearing material is using incomplete recrystallized zirconia, which is very hard. Although the hardness of this material is slightly lower than that of alumina, its impact strength is very high.
Advantage for abec 11 ceramic bearings:
First, because ceramics are almost not afraid of corrosion, so abec 11 ceramic bearings are suitable for the harsh conditions in which corrosive media.

precision abec 11 ceramic bearings
Second, because the density of ceramic rolling ball is lower than that of steel, the weight is much lighter, so the centrifugal effect of the outer ring can be reduced by 40% when rotating, thus greatly extending the service life.
Thirdly, abec 11 ceramic bearings is less affected by thermal expansion and cold contraction than steel, so when the abec 11 ceramic bearings clearance is fixed, the bearing can be allowed to work in the environment with more drastic temperature difference.
Fourth, because the elastic modulus of ceramics is higher than that of steel, it is not easy to deform under stress, so it is conducive to improving the working speed and achieving higher accuracy.
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