Spacer ring function for abec 7 chrome bearings

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"The ABEC standard is developed by the American bearing manufacturers association (ABMA) under the annular bearing engineering association (ABEC). It is primarily used to measure the durability of a bearing and to determine how fast the bearing can rotate at its maximum speed per minute.The ABEC standard is not practical for skateboarding because most skaters don't go more than 20 miles per hour unless you run up a hill, so ABEC is pretty much the same.A lot of things have bearings, cars, airplanes, tractors, etc., and ABEC is used to measure things that go a lot faster than a skateboard wheel.You can refer to the abec 7 chrome bearings standard, but it's not very useful. It's just a marketing tool for businesses.

precision abec 7 chrome bearings
Maintain for abec 7 chrome bearings:
Even if the car is often refueling maintenance, bearing is also so, usually do more maintenance can make your bearing better.There are no tricks.There are bearings sold on the market to clean the tank.The slide will inevitably get dirt and dirt into the bearing, which will make the bearing slow down, and the water immersion can even destroy the bearing.You can put it in with some grease or something.I do this a lot. I don't like new boards. It's too lazy.
Spacer ring function for abec 7 chrome bearings:

original abec 7 chrome bearings
You should use this because abec 7 chrome bearings will make the ball bearings rotate better, and that's what they do.We even designed the spacer ring specifically for the long board, which few other companies do.This will make the long board slide faster.Attaching the spacer ring will make you slide faster.
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