After 3 months of negotiations, Saudi Arabia customer purchase abec 8 bearings

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This is one of my Saudi customers. I don't remember when I started communicating with them. This customer has an email that likes almost no return to me. I like to communicate through SKYPE or WeChat. The buyer of this customer is an Indian, I added his skype, I asked him to download wechat, I was his first contact, and I also added his boss's SKYPE. This is just our beginning. For a long time, we have simple communication on skype, and their boss almost never responded to me, so at this time, I only have to communicate with this buyer!But the final decision is still in their hands. Then I started playing games with this buyer.The first quote for a million order of abec 8 bearings was August 13th, and the final customer felt that the purchase of abec 8 bearings was on November 19. I spent 3 months!The middle buyer went home to get married and buy hands to follow up!

The customer placed a sample of abec 8 bearings before the order for this abec 8 bearings. Like other customers, he first requested samples of abec 8 bearings and confirmed the samples of abec 8 bearings.abec 8 bearings
At first I knew that this buyer was from India. With my years of experience with Indian clients, I have a good deal of his tactics. The first time he asked me for abec 8 bearings, I reported a more competitive price, but it was not the reserve price, because this time I made a move with him for the first time.
I can't take it yet, I will be OUT. After a few round trips, I asked him to directly illuminate the target price of his abec 8 bearings. Some of the little friends asked me if he didn't want to say what to do?
This is how you ask, or do some preparation for yourself, so that he is willing to tell you the price, if he said it is not necessarily the real price!

First of all, we must be sincere, let the other party feel that we really want to cooperate, and are willing to cooperate with his price. My lovely customer shows his reserve price. His reserve price is more than the reserve price I can give him. Low, this time I will judge whether his price is feasible
There is no one in the industry who can do it. If the industry can't do it, this virtual gun is too obvious.
After he said the price of abec 8 bearings, I replied to him: Your price is so nice. I did not live to lower the price for him, nor did I show my reserve price. At this time, I want him to know that the price of the abec 8 bearings I gave him is really good, I added, and I am considering his point of view, saying that the price of your abec 8 bearings is taken, if If others can do it, it is really a good price, I suggest you buy it from their side!
No matter how you decide in the end, I can give you a sample of my abec 8 bearings for free, as long as you pay the shipping fee!abec bearings

Everyone knows that Indians are very sticky. He will definitely say PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR BEST PRICE, and will also say BIG QTY. I used to be bargained, cut to the fierce battle with him, but in the end I still took the order, this time I changed a way.
What way? I don't know if you will use it. That is to ignore, the Indians like the free two words, I said that the free abec 8 bearings are provided. I also like that he can compare the quality. We have confidence in ourselves why I will let him compare, because the Indians are always Good quality, good price! I used one sentence, very official words back to him, then I disappeared for a few days. What is the official language? For example: I really want to work with you, but the price of your abec 8 bearings, we are really difficult, if there is any need to help in the future, feel free to find me.abec 8 bearings

But this sentence is measured by yourself, see if you can control the customer! Although I disappeared a few days this time, I always pay attention to the message he gave me on SKYPE. He will find me every other day, and after almost 3 days, I will reply to him. I took my abec 8 bearings to the UK and packed it for him. Because they feel that the quality of going to Europe must be good! After the exchange, he sent me a sample of abec 8 bearings in the past!

After receiving samples of abec 8 bearings, he came back to the price, which is something Indians like to do. This time I was not that strong, because I know that he likes our quality, but I can't cut prices without reason!

I don't know what the partners are doing. I use the principle of virtual balance method, the next one! By the way, as long as you put the amount up, I will go down the price of abec 8 bearings. Although there is still profit, but also show no profit. It’s only been a long time, helping a friend and ignoring his position in our hearts.

In this way, I took the order of abec 8 bearings in a high cabinet.

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