Saudi Arabia customers repurchasing our abec wheel bearings

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Continuing this customer, after taking the customer's first order, the customer began to ask me for the price of abec wheel bearings! This abec wheel bearings inquiry, an opening is 10 cabinets for abec wheel bearings , let me make a quote.The price of the abec wheel bearings I gave at this time is naturally very beautiful, because I know they are buying elsewhere, so let the customer first enter my bowl first!
But the quotation didn't take long before the buyer went to get married and honeymoon. It didn't come back to work in the past few days. He won't be in the process of taking the order of this abec wheel bearings! When buying a holiday, I changed my prince to follow me. The important thing is that my abec wheel bearings are cheaper than the price he currently purchases.

Before the Prince came up, I raised the price of my abec wheel bearings by $0.5, because this is for him to cut! When the Prince came up, he said that his BOSS felt that the price of our abec wheel bearings was too expensive. I hope that I will cut the price! At the same time he listed the quantity for me.
I have counted 4 cabinets. In fact, this number is not bad. I can directly agree to the price reduction, but I don't want the factory to make orders without too much profit, because we are all one, only when the company grows, we can growing up!abec wheel hub bearings

At this time, I refused to cut the price, and once again stressed the price of the abec wheel bearings of the 10 cabinets, less than 10 cabinets, the price of abec wheel bearings should be raised.

Because the customer said that this abec wheel bearings can't be placed too much for the first time, and the order will be more! This is also a trick for customers to price.
Finally, the customer agreed to add the amount of abec wheel bearings, but he asked me to lower the price of abec wheel bearings. This kid learned our trick. Ha ha!

Since I first played, I gave a meeting, and I lowered my $0.50 each. He replied to me, only dropped 0.5 dollars, which is equal to no decline! My explanation is: abec wheel bearings
The price itself is very low, and shows that we will not waste high prices and waste everyone's time. At this time, you can say more,

Just give yourself some reason. This prince naturally can't decide the things behind, and always said to me, this is what they mean by BOSS! Interestingly, he and I said that he also wants to do business with me, but his BOSS has a better price for abec wheel bearings, saying that other factories are 0.8 dollars lower than us, asking me to cut the price? The words are very different, this time the heart is strong!abec wheel bearings

I wonder if someone is lower than us, it is possible to lose the order for this abec wheel bearings. If he just came to falsify me, what should I do? The buyer before this time has already gone on vacation! I can't contact him at all, and I can't get what they mean behind them. Torment!

At this time, I have to stay calm. I already know that the price of my abec wheel bearings is lower than that of his current purchase. He is likely to be faltering.
The information he gave me was also very clear, saying that his BOSS is that his father chose other companies.
Since playing, I will take a chance to play! In order to cool this atmosphere of price reduction, I told him that I would start on vacation from a few!

My purpose is to:
1, if the order of his abec wheel bearings is urgent, the final confirmation, I said here, will speed up his intention to communicate with me!
2, and there is, in the next few days, I have been looking for the previous buyers, call, send WeChat, skype, etc., in order to confirm whether there is really a supplier lower than me 0.8 dollars!wheel bearings

During my pretend vacation, the previous buyer replied to me and said that the price of my abec wheel bearings is still ok! In this way, I continue to insist! When I came back from vacation, I pretended to say hello to the customer and told him I was back, but I didn't mention the order of 10 cabinet abec wheel bearings!

At this time, we started to talk about the quotation of other products, and he did not mention the previous orders! After a few days, he asked me again, can I cut the price? I said really can't! He added, if you add a few new offers, a total of 14 cabinets? I said really can't!

In fact, the price of the latter two products is too high, this time, I think it is time for me to find their BOSS! I learned from the communication that the big BOSS doesn't like heat and likes to be cold. I asked him to come to China. He said that he likes Beijing and Shanghai! Because the winter is colder, I said that he is welcome to come to China. I invited him to my hometown, Zhejiang, because Zhejiang winter is also very cold!
After a series of communication, the big BOSS began to ask me the price of abec wheel bearings, is it really the best, I said yes!abec wheel hub bearings

Those who know how to know will know that there are still two spaces for the new offer! He then asked the last two?
This time, it is time to make a friendship card! Sent a big BOSS a favor, the last two products cut the price of 0.5 US dollars!

We talked very happy, I gave the price cut, let him have the joy of victory, I thought the price has not come down, the big BOSS came out, immediately cut the price.

 In this way, the order of abec wheel bearings was approached to me step by step. After the battle, I began to force the order!Because you have been friends for so long, you can start a direct water list!Until the customer's water bill was received on November 15th, my heart was put down, and more than 1.7 million abec wheel bearings were ordered! At that time, I was really happy!

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