Angular contact bearing assembly detail

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This is angular contact bearing assembly detail for your reference:
Installation to ensure that there is a proper clearance between the shaft and the angular contact bearing assembly, so that the formation of lubricating oil film. Angular contact bearing assembly and seat holes should have appropriate tightness to prevent the bearing from rotating with the shaft during operation. Specific requirements are as follows:  

angular contact bearing assembly
1: Before pressing, check whether the size of each part of the angular contact bearing assembly meets the requirements and whether there are defects, wipe the dirt on the contact surface, apply lubricating oil, clean the oil channel and align the oil channel hole on the body.  
2: According to the position of the angular contact bearing assembly bearing on the body and the size of the bearing, the appropriate tools are selected during installation.  
3: After the angular contact bearing assembly bearing is pressed, fixing screws or pins should be added to the non-interference fit, and the inner diameter should be checked to see whether it meets the requirements. If deformation occurs, it must be trimmed, generally by boring, reaming and scraping.  

angular contact bearing assembly
4:Dirt can not be dropped into the angular contact bearing assembly bearing ring to avoid damage to the rolling body and rolling surface.  
5: Check whether the fit interference of the inner and outer rings of the angular contact bearing assembly bearing meets the standard as required.  
6: the installation and use of special tools should be pressurized on the seat ring with a tighter mating surface, and the force should be uniform to prevent bearing skew.  
7: When the angular contact bearings with large interference are installed, they shall not be violently knocked, but shall be assembled by means of press or heating.  
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