Flanged roller bearing is high quality bearing

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From printers, fax machines to monitors, there is room for flanged roller bearing products to show their technology in household articles used in daily life. Under the size and precision requirements of standard ABEC-1 class, bearings can be produced to meet the requirements of general purpose products.  
Flanged roller bearing advantages  
Flange on the outer wheel series of products, so that the axial positioning becomes simple;No need for bearing seats, more economical.  In order to obtain low friction torque, high rigidity and good rotary accuracy of bearings, steel balls with small outer diameters are used.The use of hollow shafts ensures lightness and space for wiring  
The characteristics of flanged roller bearing:

flanged roller bearing
The most prominent feature is the integration of flanged roller bearing.When one end of the shaft does not have a connector and needs to be fixed on a plane such as a board or a wall, flange bearings reflect their advantages. 
In micro bearings with ultra-small aperture, they can be divided into ZZ steel plate bearing dust cover series, RS rubber bearing sealing ring series.Teflon bearing sealing ring series, flange series, stainless steel series, ceramic ball series and so on. Miniature ball bearings have a wide range of applications. Suitable for high-speed rotation, low friction torque, low vibration, low noise requirements of the product.  
The main purpose of flanged roller bearing:

flanged roller bearing
Flanged roller bearing is suitable for all kinds of industrial equipment, small rotary motor, office equipment, micro motor soft, pressure rotor, dental drill, hard disk drive motor, stepping motor, VCR magnetic drum, toy models, fan, roller, roller, transmission equipment, amusement equipment, robot, medical equipment, office equipment, testing instruments, deceleration, optical variable speed device, motor,  Image devices, card readers, electromechanical, precision machinery, power tools and toys, etc.  
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