One time relying on “price increase” to let customers purchase the experience of angular thrust bearing

237 Published by Nov 23,2018

The first time I contacted this customer was when I first entered the company, that is, October 2016. In November, the customer sent the entire 2017 tender plan for angular thrust bearing.

As a newcomer, the official angular bearing mail that was bidding at that time was not my return, and the old people of the company responded. Of course, the result is also very clear, no winning. Then, from December 2016, I started a long road to contact with customers.

At the beginning, the customer said that there is no need to purchase an angular thrust bearing. Later, the supplier who does not want to replace the angular thrust bearing is currently purchased. However, there is an objective factor that the unit price of our angular thrust bearing soared in 2017, once twice as high as the previous unit price. Therefore, during the period of 2017.4-8, customers have always said that the price of angular thrust bearing is too high, and currently does not intend to purchase in China.

In September, customers said they were planning to try out new suppliers for the Argentine factory. When I saw the opportunity, I sent an email to the person in charge and the person in charge of the Argentine factory.angular thrust bearing

In October, the client sent his 18-year plan to purchase an angular thrust bearing. I sorted out the customer and sent out the quotation of the angular thrust bearing. However, the customer replied, I am sorry, the price of China's angular thrust bearing is still too high.

In November, the price of the domestic angular thrust bearing has a downward trend. I will re-offer the customer's offer. And according to the quality, certification, service, delivery, experience, production capacity and quality control of angular thrust bearing, we introduced our company to customers again. In the middle, we sent 4 pictures and PPTs to customers, and showed our customers product packaging, production equipment, certification, services and so on.

In December, the customer said that he had submitted my email to the technical door. He asked about the production plant. After that, the customer has always said that he needs to wait for the superior to make a decision. If you have new news, you will be notified in time.

2018.1 Month Send a New Year greeting to the customer and ask the customer about the situation. The customer said let me report the price of the current angular thrust bearing.angular thrust bearing factory

At the same time, I added the customer's whatsapp, so many times, he will ask me about the market situation and price of the current angular thrust bearing on WhatsApp. But after the reply, the customer still said that the price of the angular thrust bearing was too high, and there was no way to try it.

But my answer to the customer is: first analyze the reasons for the price increase of China's angular thrust bearing, and predict the price trend of angular thrust bearing in the next few months. Then very friendly and polite, said that although the price of angular thrust bearing is very high, we can't cooperate. But it doesn't matter, I hope we keep in touch, please let me know if you need anything.

Customer response in 2018.1, you are really good, have new news and opportunities, I will definitely cooperate with you.

To be honest, during a short working time, I have met several customers and I have said this. Whenever I hear this sentence, I feel even more happy than being a single. This is an endorsement, a kind of trust.

In late August 2018.1, due to the price reduction of angular thrust bearing, I updated the price of angular thrust bearing to the customer.

The customer said that they want the payment method to be a 90-day account.

But I said that due to the special circumstances of the market, the customer's prepayment is usually required to order the goods, which explains why. The final customer accepted the payment terms.

At the end of 2018.1, the customer finally sent me two forms of angular thrust bearing, saying that I needed to fill out and enter their supplier system in Argentina and Colombia.angular thrust bearing manufacturer

I know that it is not far from victory. And the person in charge of Argentina and Colombia was copied in the mail.

2018.2 months to send an email to the customer to know when the customer will be under the contract. But the customer said that it is currently in the registration phase. It is only possible to place an order after entering the information. After that, the customer asked about the two specifications of angular thrust bearing and the price, and confirmed the delivery date.

At the end of the month of 2018.2, the entire Spring Festival did not wait for the customer's order.

After the Spring Festival holiday, I sent the customer a detailed quotation of angular thrust bearing, including delivery date. However, it did not wait until the customer's order until the beginning of March.

I called the customer in early March and wanted to ask him what happened.

He said that he may not be sourcing for this group, so there is no way to decide this now. I want to contact the person in charge of Colombia directly. And said that she is also very eager to use your angular thrust bearing.

The first time I contacted the person in charge was 3.12. She wrote back to me that night and asked a number of questions. After replying to the customer's email.

Then the next day, the customer will take a look at the index data of our angular thrust bearing. I will sort it out and send it to the customer. As a result, the customer really intends to try 2000 pieces of angular thrust bearing.

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