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Without any hesitation, Polish customer ordered ball bearing 6202

157 Published by admin Jan 30,2023

Last week, a customer from Poland inquired about our ball bearing 6202, which is a very common inquiry letter. Because the customer sent my inquiry on Friday night,due to the time difference, I need to check whether we have enought stock tomorrow,I sent the quotation on Saturday.

After sent quotation list of ball bearing 6202 to customer email, unexpectedly, the customer quickly replied to me and asked me to check the shipping cost.After helping the customer check the cheapest shipping cost, I sent the total quotation list of ball bearing 6202 to the customer.The customer did not reply, I think there may be two reasons, one is that the customer is resting, and the other is that the customer feels that the freight is high.I didn't bother the customer and wanted to contact the customer again on Monday.ball bearing 6202

Unexpectedly, the customer replied to my email on Sunday and asked our company's Paypal account.I sent invoice to customer and the customer made a payment immediately.

We produce ball bearing 6202 with different material,for example,chrome steel,stainless steel,hybride ceramic material,full ceramic material,plastic material,etc.

If you need any brand bearings or any models of bearings, please contact me!

Contact: Grace
MP/Whatsapp: +8618668903871

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