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Reasons for high temperature of ball bearing in fan gland

40 Published by admin Mar 20,2024

1. There may be a problem with the assembly of the ball bearing in fan. The following four points should be checked:

1. Check whether there is any problem with the lubricating oil circuit and whether the ball bearing in fan is effectively lubricated;

2. If there is a sealing ring on the ball bearing in fan cover, check whether the sealing ring is too tight. If the sealing ring is too tight, a large amount of heat will be generated when the shaft rotates. At this time, the sealing ring should be replaced;

3. Remove the ball bearing in fan cover and check whether the position of the bearing is tilted (you can use a depth gauge to check), causing the bearing to become stiff and unable to rotate freely. If this is the case, the bearing should be removed and check whether the bearing has changed color. , if it changes color, the bearing is burned out and must be replaced with a new one;

4. Remove the bearing cover and use a depth gauge to check the axial clearance of the bearing. It is also best to check the radial clearance to see if the clearance is too small, otherwise the ball bearing in fan will heat and expand when running at high speed ( This kind of heat does not exceed 50 degrees (it is normal). If there is no clearance after expansion, it will cause the friction resistance to increase, the temperature will rise rapidly, and the operating temperature of the bearing will be exceeded. Therefore, the clearance of the bearing must be ensured to ensure that the bearing Effective operation; if this is the case, the bearing should be removed and checked to see if the bearing has changed color. If it changes color, the bearing is burned out and must be replaced with a new bearing.ball bearing in fan

2. Poor lubrication may be caused by:

1. The ball bearing in fan covers up the incorrect installation of the oil return hole, causing the bearing lubricating oil to circulate in the bearing cover. The temperature rises before it cools down; check the oil return hole.

2. The axial force is large, so that the lubricating oil cannot take away the bearing temperature in time; a 0.10mm cushion can be added between the inner rings of the two bearings to make the oil lubrication smoother and more sufficient, and the size of the balance hole can be changed.

3. The bearing box is under pressure and the oil temperature rises; check whether the breathable cap is blocked and whether the cooling water is turned on.

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