Ball bearings car is also known as wheel hub bearing

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Ball bearings car is also known as wheel hub bearing,ball bearings car is used in the automobile axle to bear and provide accurate guidance for the rotation of the hub of the parts, both bearing axial load and radial load, is an important part of the vehicle load and rotation.  
The traditional ball bearings car are composed of two sets of tapered roller bearings or ball bearings. The installation, oiling, sealing and clearance adjustment of bearings are all carried out on the automobile production line.  

ball bearings car bearing

This structure makes it difficult to assemble in automobile production plants, high cost, poor reliability, and the car in the maintenance point maintenance, but also need to clean, oiling and adjustment bearings.  
Hub bearings worn or damaged ball bearings will make your vehicle in the road of driving inappropriate and costly failure, or even harm your safety.  Please pay attention to the following items in the use and installation of ball bearings car:  

ball bearings car
1. To ensure maximum safety and reliability, it is recommended that you check hub bearings regularly regardless of the age of the vehicle -- watch for early warning signs of bearing wear, including any friction noise during rotation or abnormal deceleration of the suspension combination wheels during turns.   
2. If you hear the noise from the ball bearings car part, first of all, it is important to find the location of the noise.  There are many moving parts that may produce noise, and some rotating parts may be in contact with non-rotating parts. 
3. Because the working conditions of ball bearings car failure on both sides caused by the front hub are similar, it is also recommended to replace in pairs even if only one bearing is damaged.  
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