Cylinder bearing characteristic is interesting

23 Published by admin Nov 10,2021

Characteristic for cylinder bearing:
1. Roller and raceway are in line contact or downline contact, radial bearing capacity is large, suitable for bearing heavy load and impact load.  
2. Small friction coefficient, suitable for high speed, limit speed close to deep groove ball bearings.  
3. N type and NU type cylinder bearing can be moved in axial direction, can adapt to the change of the relative position between the shaft and the shell caused by thermal expansion or installation error, can be used as free end support.  
4. The processing requirements for shafts or seat holes are high. After bearing installation, the relative deviation of the outer ring axis should be strictly controlled to avoid contact stress concentration.  
5. The inner ring or outer ring can be separated, easy to install and disassemble.  

cylinder bearing
Cylindrical roller and raceway line contact, radial load capacity.  Suitable for bearing heavy load and impact load as well as high speed rotation.  
Cylinder bearing raceway and rolling body are geometric shape.  After the improved design, it has a higher bearing capacity.
Cylinder bearing can be divided into PO,P6, P5,P4, P2 according to the accuracy grade. The accuracy grade is sorted from low to high.  
In ordinary use, vibration is very sensitive to cylinder bearing damage, spalling, indentation, rust, crack, wear and so on will be reflected in the bearing vibration measurement.  

cylinder bearing
Therefore, through the use of special bearing vibration measuring device (frequency analyzer, etc.) can measure the size of the vibration, through the frequency distribution can be inferred to the specific situation of the abnormal.  The measured values are different due to the use conditions of bearings or sensor installation positions, so it is necessary to analyze and compare the measured values of each machine in advance to determine the judgment criteria.  
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