Customers of ball bearings vancouver abuse me thousands of times, I treat customers like first love

174 Published by Dec 11,2018

The first one: In the past six months, I received a single one from me. Customer A small cabinet of ball bearings vancouver customers. Although I have no experience in the factory, but the guests are very professional and understand. I am very patient to teach me if I make a document, of course, the document should be in their format. It is indeed more professional than I have studied before. Because I don't understand very well, so if I have a problem, I will ask the ball bearings vancouver customer, ball bearings vancouver, the guests will explain that I understand. In this way, I avoided the low-level mistakes caused by unprofessionalism. Thank you A.ball bearings

The second order of ball bearings vancouver: my second order, the deposit is the same day as the deposit of the first order to our account. Is a trading company of ball bearings vancouver. All of a sudden, I got two small cabinets. Partial Shipment. The person in charge of the ball bearings vancouver buyer, professional, serious, straightforward (with so little urgency).

She will say: Have you ever done foreign trade? The payment method for the balance of foreign trade is to accept copyBL. It is impossible to pay off before you ship.ball bearings vancouver

She will say: Why are you still not booking? Haven't arranged a scheduled inspection yet? (very fierce. But also teach me at the right time, remind me, do the right thing)

She will say: Why don't you send me the documents? (Hurry up, thank you)

She will say: Thank you, Ha. The guest was very satisfied with the reception and the next cabinet was delivered in advance. I believe that next year will be placed. The number will be more.

The first day after the double eleven in 2013. My ball bearings vancouver customer has placed another order. The deposit is already on the road.

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