A wave of multi-fold “big one” — Hong Kong customers purchasing needle bearing dimensions

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On September 13th, 2013, I received an inquiry email about needle bearing dimensions forwarded by my manager. The sender is Mr. A. The content of the email is quite high. The general meaning is that the price is in accordance with the requirements of the products, and their company introduction. Through this email, I learned that the other company's company is well-known in the UK. It is a listed company with a history of more than 100 years. They are purchasing offices in Hong Kong and are mainly responsible for purchasing in the Asian market.

Although it is a big company, but the requirements are too much, at that time a little scalp tingling, and the number of purchases have not yet reached our MOQ of needle bearing dimensions, the most important is the payment method of needle bearing dimensions, 30% prepaid, the tail is actually in the UK headquarters Pay of needle bearing dimensions only after receiving a full set of original customs clearance information. I discussed it with the boss. The boss is also courageous. He said that the client company is so big, if you want to try it out, if you have this sentence, try it.

Later, according to the customer's request, the price of needle bearing dimensions was honestly reported. Because the inspection was involved, and the payment conditions were very bad, the MOQ of the purchase of needle bearing dimensions was not reached, so the unit price of needle bearing dimensions was very high. But I didn't expect their final purchase of needle bearing dimensions far more than this MOQ of needle bearing dimensions. The strange thing is that they didn't ask us to adjust the price of needle bearing dimensions.needle bearing

While doing the quotation of needle bearing dimensions, Mr. D’s email came over. He first introduced himself to the quality of the supplier, and later talked about some of their company’s quality policies for this needle bearing dimensions order. After the price of needle bearing dimensions report, the customer has no objection, just said that you need to look at the sample of needle bearing dimensions. This is simple. I rushed to the workshop and packed several samples of needle bearing dimensions. I prepared to send it with SF, and asked the customer to send it in Chinese. By the way, the address of the needle bearing dimensions is provided free of charge, but the freight needs to be paid by your company. It is not a matter of thinking that the customer actually comes to the company's policy that the supplier needs to bear all the shipping charges. This time I am dumbfounded, I don’t think it’s going to lie to the sample, but I’m not willing, it took me a few hours to reply to his various problems, just because the freight is not properly talked about, I will never give up! So I discussed the freight with the boss, and boasted the other side, saying what big company, the boss listened, the big company, then we pay the freight, although the freight costs hundreds of oceans, if you win It's still worth dropping.

On September 16th, the customer told me that they had received samples of needle bearing dimensions. They thought it was OK after they saw it, but they still need to send it to the UK headquarters to test and confirm, let us wait for news. This is more than 20 days. On October 8th, the customer sent an e-mail saying that they are still waiting for the quality assessment of the UK. By the way, we went to the Canton Fair, but unfortunately, our factory did not participate in this exhibition. This feels a shortcoming, because I can always meet some customers and ask us not to go to the Canton Fair.needle bearing dimensions

On October 11th, the customer and us reconfirmed some specifications of our existing needle bearing dimensions, saying that the UK is planning to place the order of needle bearing dimensions, so it seems that our sample of needle bearing dimensions has passed, and I am still very happy at this moment. However, this swaying has waited for more than 20 days without news.

Finally on November 4th, the customer wrote, saying that the UK order of needle bearing dimensions was confirmed, we need to deliver before the Chinese New Year, and we need BV inspection. When we saw the words of the factory, I felt bad in my heart. It feels. . . Sure enough, behind Mr. A and Mr. D began to frantically send me various forms for me to fill in, in order to establish supplier profiles. On the 4th, I received more than a dozen copies of their two people, including a supplier survey, oh, my god, a small font, plus dozens of pages of pure English. I got it from 9:00 in the morning until 10:00 in the evening, and I actually praised me after receiving it the next day.To be honest, it is very nice and I have not seen before that a supplier can fill it in the first time as well as you do.

In this way, it took five days to establish the supplier profile data in the early stage. On the 13th, the order of needle bearing dimensions quantity and packaging method of the needle bearing dimensions were confirmed. The inspection was requested on January 8th, and the PO will be sent to us before the 29th.

On November 15th, Mr. D informed that next week, their Shanghai Quality Department colleagues would come over and help them to inspect them. Now we are busy preparing various materials. bearing dimensions

On November 20th, Mr. D’s colleague from Shanghai came over and inspected it. He was quite satisfied with us. In fact, all the hard work in front of us is a trivial matter. The most important thing is to check the factory. I am afraid that I will not be able to pass. In the blink of an eye, No. 29, PO  of needle bearing dimensions has not yet given us, Mr. A has informed us to let us first send a booking file to BV, but do not pay now, the UK is still building supplier profiles, need to confirm more information of needle bearing dimensions manufacturer.

On December 17th, all the information was submitted. Mr. A asked us to wait for the final reply from the UK. This is another 20 days. During this period, there is no news in Hong Kong. Ask Mr. A on the Skype. The order of bearing dimensions, he said that they are waiting for the UK to finally give us the PO of needle bearing dimensions. At this time, I can lose my heart. From September to now, I have also spent 4 months. I have spent a lot of effort in the middle. I really don't want to So suddenly it was denied, but now there is no other way than waiting.

On January 8th, Mr. A sent an email to tell us that the delivery time was delayed until March 8, 14th, and that 4 pieces of prenatal samples must be sent to them within one week after PO of needle bearing dimensions. After the boss said this, he decided to arrange the workshop first.

Mr. A on the 16th told me that the UK is still setting up account information for our company. The orders for needle bearing dimensions will be given to us next week. We can start to store small quantities of raw materials. On the same day, we are ready for pre-production. Immediately, a sample of needle bearing dimensions was sent through SF. During this period, we also confirmed the self-adhesive design draft with Mr. V, another colleague of Mr. A. Everything waited for the order of the needle bearing dimensions to start mass production.

bearing factory

At 10:26 pm on the 17th, Mr. A sent a message on the mobile phone to congratulate us, saying that the UK confirmed the order for needle bearing dimensions. His colleague M will give us the official PO of needle bearing dimensions on the 20th, and will assist Ms. D to complete the subsequent production, inspection and delivery. I didn't sleep well this evening. The efforts of these days were not in vain, and God still pity me.
On the 20th, at 9 o'clock in the morning, I received the official PO of needle bearing dimensions, a large cabinet and a small cabinet, which was a 14-year opening. .

On the same day, we made PI of needle bearing dimensions to the customer, let the UK arrange 30% advance payment, and contact BV to prepare for the inspection, mainly the quality control and social responsibility. There is no specific list of materials for reference. We prepare ourselves according to a general information they give us.

At this point, the stone fell, but unfortunately, things did not end.
The raw material suppliers and factories in the 21st are slowly starting annual leave. Our factory started from the 25th holiday, and I bought the ticket for the 22nd night. When I picked up the things in the dormitory that afternoon, I received a call from Mr. D. He told us that there was a problem with the packaging method at the UK headquarters. Our needle bearing dimensions products are plastic barrels, stacked, easy to stick together, and each is taken separately. It was a bit difficult at the time, I suggested that each product be covered with a plastic bag so that it would be needle bearing dimensions

On the 23rd, Mr. D sent an email to inform the plastic bag that the packaging method was negated by the UK. It is recommended that we put a piece of cardboard in the middle of each needle bearing dimension product to separate it, but this time I am at home, the network is limited, and the factory I have already entered the state of holiday. All this is only after I have been working for the year. I am not satisfied with the customer’s packaging of the needle bearing dimensions. I am uneasy in the heart because it is bound to increase in the middle of the two products. The height of the outer box, so that the number of the whole cabinet before the count will be more.

On the way back to the company on February 10, I received a call from Mr. A, saying that I would reply to his email immediately after returning to the company. There is an urgent matter to discuss. Once I got back to the dormitory and didn't have time to rest, I quickly opened the computer to contact each other. It was still a problem with the packaging method of needle bearing dimensions. I needed to assist Mr. D to solve it as soon as possible. Don't make big goods before Mr. D did not confirm OK. Until February 12th, we tried five or six methods before and after. On the same day, we sent Mr. D a box of needle bearing dimensions to test the results. The other party asked us to confirm. After that, it didn't respond. During this period, our boss always asked me if I could make a big deal. Because I didn't do it again, the delivery on the 8th was too late. I was also guilty at that time. I just remembered Mr. A. The packaging method was not confirmed to start production, so I have been waiting for this period.

On February 17th, I couldn't wait any longer. I asked Mr. D how to try the effect. Can you start to make big goods? He said that the effect is not bad, just wait for the UK to confirm.

At that time, the mail was copied to Mr. A. When he saw that the mail was not calm, he immediately called, what, you have not started to make big goods, and the delivery on March 8 is still too late? If you can't deliver it in time, it will be fined by the UK. How can it be delayed because of the small thing of packaging?

This time I am flustered, and I quickly notified the production of needle bearing dimensions. In fact, I was a little bit wronged. It is not that you asked us to not produce in the mail bearing method of the needle bearing dimensions. This was also said by the boss, saying that I was too rigid, but fortunately everything was ready, just wait for the machine to start production of needle bearing dimensions.needle roller bearing dimensions

On February 20th, I received an email from Mr. D, telling us that we still follow the original packaging method of needle bearing dimensions. Without any changes, I saw that I wanted to cry here. The previous efforts were in vain and delayed for so long. Now, on the 27th, we must not be able to complete the bulk packaging 100%, and we also asked us to send the sample of needle bearing dimensions on the 22nd. How can we finish the two days? Finally, the communication will be sent for a long time on the 24th. Or we spent a lot of effort on the first shot of needle bearing dimensions.

On the 27th, the inspection began. The big goods of needle bearing dimensions only finished 80%, and the packaging of needle bearing dimensions was completed 20%. However, Mr. A told me in advance on the phone that we only managed to do our own thing and guaranteed the sailing date of March 8th. Ok, other inspection reports he came to fix.

The inspector of the day was also very good, and it was not difficult for us. The inspection was smooth. On the 28th, Maersk received the notification from Ms. D, and we are still trying our best to catch up with the needle bearing dimensions. Every day, at 10 o'clock in the workshop, in order to see how many can be completed in a day, sleep at night is not practical, and the total dream can not be seen. Fortunately, the workers were more forceful. Finally, in the morning of March 4th, the needle bearing dimensions goods were all driven out. After the cabinet was installed, it was a little relaxed, but I was still worried about the payment of needle bearing dimensions. Although the boss is making a decision. Well, but if the customer doesn't recognize it at once, my life is estimated to be very sad. During this period, the booking system of Maersk was also stupid. The customer service MM was speechless to me. After several times, it was still unclear. Finally, she directly helped me to operate the whole process. I was responsible for providing various materials.needle roller bearing

After the goods of needle bearing dimensions are finished, it is to urge Maersk to send the bill of lading information. At this time, there is a small situation. The system has been faulty for several days in Maersk, and the bill has not been able to guide the bill. There is no way to pay the FOB fee of needle bearing dimensions. If you don't pay, you will not give the bill of lading information. The customer will remind us of the customs clearance information of needle bearing dimensions every day, and the remaining hundreds of thousands of tails have always made me sleepy.

At 5:00 pm on March 19, I finally received the bill of lading from Maersk and immediately sent a scanned copy to D girl. On the afternoon of the same day, she informed the UK to arrange the balance. Before sending the information, my heart was also extremely entangled. I thought about it when I was sleeping at night. I thought about it for a long time. I didn’t have a good idea. Finally, I thought I would die if I died. For this list, I have already died a lot of brain cells. It has been seriously inadequate. On the 20th, I went to the UK through DHL officially to send a full set of customs clearance information of needle bearing dimensions to the UK.

By the 25th we have not received the tail of the needle bearing dimensions, and the UK has received a full set of original customs clearance information on the 24th. At this time, I was flustered. I didn’t feel the spirit all day, thinking about it. I asked Ms. D to ask for help. She told me that the UK had not arranged of needle bearing dimensions yet, and arranged for it tomorrow. This was a few nights later. On the 28th, I checked the account, but I asked Ms. D again. She asked for the UK on the other side. Until the 31st, we informed the reporter that the payment of the needle bearing dimensions had arrived, and I dared to breathe a sigh of relief.

At this point, the order of the whole needle bearing dimensions is completed, and I am very grateful to the customers. I want to thank them for their trust. Although there are many situations in the middle, I have learned a lot from them and found some shortcomings. : Doing things too rigidly, don't know how to adapt and focus, it's easy to panic, not calm enough.

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