One of the most worrying orders of 2015: Bearing Supply Edmonton to buy our bearings

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14 years is over, and I am preparing to look forward to 2015. I don’t want to encounter a bearing supply edmonton that I am amazed at this time.

Inadvertently received an inquiry from foreign bearing supply edmonton, and exchanged a simple request with the customer about the product, bearing supply edmonton directly gave him the purchase contact in China. I did not pay too much attention, I sent an email to reply to domestic purchases of bearing supply edmonton. The next day, domestic purchases directly hit our company and talked about specific projects. Generally speaking, I don't have much confidence in domestic procurement, because our products are too much domestic, and the chance of indirect communication with bearing supply edmonton is very low. After communication, the bearing supplier edmonton's customers are very professional customers in the field, and the terminal customers are government departments. Bearing supply edmonton's customer project delivery is urgent. Due to product quality and usage issues, bearing supply edmonton customers have just changed one supplier and are now looking for new suppliers. Therefore, the requirements for delivery and quality are very strict. After a brief introduction to the quality of the structural materials of our products, the customers of bearing supply edmonton quickly disagreed with the offer. The most important thing now is the delivery date. In general, the product is delivered for at least 20 days, but the customer of bearing supply edmonton only allows ten days of delivery, as the project's time has determined that there is no room for change. This is really hard for us. Bearing supply edmonton's customers say that as long as the delivery time is OK, they can get a full $40,000 right now, which is a small project for them. What to do, it is anxious, can not watch the loss of such a quality customer. After negotiating with the company's boss, the delivery period is from 20 days to fifteen days, and the last 12 days, once and for all, the customers of bearing supply edmonton are still not relaxed. After the boss and the supplier repeatedly communicated, they decided to Ten days delivery! Then, the customer made a water bill overnight.bearing supply

For me, there is really no end in my heart. From the moment bearing supply edmonton placed the order, I didn’t let go of it. First of all, the expected delay is more worrying than expected. Then there is not enough staff to mobilize all departments to go to the production line to work overtime. These have been solved. The most difficult thing is that the product quality problem appeared on the day before shipment, and the inspection was big. Half a day is still uncertain. Because the quality of the material in such a short period of time is risky. After a series of investigations, the problem seemed to be more serious than imagined. At night, all the products were still being repaired, and the effort to work overtime was almost in vain. It was Sunday, and it was so uncomfortable for one night. I don’t know how to ship it tomorrow.

The next day I woke up and went to the production line. Suddenly I learned that the company actually changed the order of another business to my order in the middle of the night. The quantity, parameters and even many accessories have changed. On the one hand, because of the customer engineering requirements of bearing supply edmonton, we had to send more than thousands of products from bearing supply edmonton customers. On the other hand, let me be really big, the customers of bearing supply edmonton have confirmed all in advance. Customs declaration materials are applied for customs declaration in advance abroad. The confirmation of the invoice box CO after ten times is completely unchangeable. Without any consent from me, the company changed the product without authorization, and the report could not be closed. The goods had to be delayed and did not know how many days. Suddenly I have six gods. After the customer of bearing supply edmonton purchases the news, it is also very dissatisfied. There is no way, and it can only be wrong. Customers of bearing supply edmonton directly said that all the information should not be changed at all, the goods appearing, the previous information, we do not care about customs clearance. At this time, the production line is still desperately changing the goods, and today, the last day of the flight clearance, Guangzhou, we have to go to the warehouse before 12 noon, from Shenzhen to Guangzhou is estimated to take two or three hours Itinerary. Time is too late, engineers say that the goods must be completed at least three in the afternoon. Everything is in a race against time, every minute is very difficult, foreign customers rush us to progress in half an hour, have not sent away. The speed of the production line change test feels faster and faster, but the time is still flowing quickly. The more urgent the back is, the slower it is. The last box of goods took nearly half an hour to finish processing. I quickly packed it up. . At this time, the time is very close to the last time of the customs clearance in the afternoon. It is now more than three in the afternoon. After a hurried loading, I finally set off. At this time, I still dare not relax. The customer of bearing supply edmonton asked us to arrive in Guangzhou at 4 pm at the latest, but also barely had time to declare, but the driver ran all the way, but it was still almost five o'clock to Guangzhou.  high quality bearing supply

Good luck, even caught up with the last batch of customs declaration. What makes luck better is that the products and materials do not match, and even the declaration has passed. Two days later, I went abroad, and it was also very fast.

After the customer of bearing supply edmonton, the professional bearing supply edmonton customers installed the product overnight. Really professional, there is no after-sales, and there is no problem with the product. The next day, the activities of the customers who have bearing supply edmonton started smoothly. Be aware that the average customer will repeatedly ask for a lot of details about the installation connection. I feel incredible. Next year, customers of bearing supply edmonton will continue to renew larger projects, hoping so.

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