Just because I saw you more in the crowd – remember the development of a linear needle bearings licensor

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One day in June of this year, I searched for customers on Google and went to the website of a non-known European linear needle bearings club.

Generally, I saw that the club's website is directly shut down, because in general, the club does not sell linear needle bearings by itself, usually by selling licenses to related brands/distributors. Point the license fee, or if it is really demanded, it is also operated by the importer.

But I didn't turn off the website of this linear needle bearings club. The reason is very simple. I haven't seen this linear needle bearings club. I am very curious, I just took a look. linear needle bearings factory

It's easy to have customer information.

Google searched the customer website and found that the customer is a peripheral customer authorized for the linear needle bearings club. The water club authorized, although they are all unknown linear needle bearings, but the model of the linear needle bearings is very complete, the market The estimate is also small.

 Linear needle bearings are included as a large category in the product category and are fully compliant with my target customer standards.

With the customer website, we began to understand the company information, personnel structure, upstream and downstream supply chain, key people social platform information, key people mailbox, and found that the key person mailbox information could not be searched, only the info mailbox.

But it doesn't matter. It is expected that the old bird's road is not white, and this is where it is. linear needle bearings manufacturer

According to the size of the guest company and the real situation of Google Maps, the size of the client company will not exceed 10 people.

For this type of linear needle bearings company, Info mailbox has a high probability of being basically equivalent to the boss's mailbox. Even if the Info mailbox is not returned, I can guess the key person's mailbox. Guess the mailbox does not return, I can also linkedin to send information right. The linkedin information is not returned, I can also private message and leave a message on the social platform. If you don't return, I can still use the guessing email to search skype, right? Really not, then take a call. It’s not enough to call, you can’t run away on the spot, haha, the method is always more difficult.

The customer of my linear needle bearings is very simple, and the written development letter is targeted. The content is to express the willingness of cooperation directly after understanding the situation of the guests. The fancy shows their own advantages and what can I do for you?  linear needle bearings supplier

I sent it to the info mailbox, and I replied after two days. I replied to Product mabager, and the boss copied the email to him.

A look at the reply email, hey, I am going, too official, and this Canton Fair is still half a year.

So the basic subtext of this reply is:My boss has transferred your email to me. I have to reply to you. We don't have a supplier of linear needle bearings. The supplier of linear needle bearings has no problem. For your interest, let's start with something. Let me know, other time to say, can not say it is not necessarily, anyway, my work is completed.

Here, we must recognize the fact that, in my opinion, most of the functions of the development letter are to first contact the customer and prepare the spare tire. Unless it is particularly good luck, just in the stage of customer procurement needs, there is a chance to quickly close.

The reason is that the catalog of linear needle bearings, in the same kind of products, inspection reports, customer market cooperation with well-known customers, customer competitors, customer market hot products first wave, try the reaction.

Then the result is no response, I am not interested, it seems that as I guess, it really is that there is no demand at present, and interest is not big.

There is no need to have a relationship at the moment. If you come slowly, there will always be opportunities. If you are doing foreign trade, your mentality is very important. Keep track of the rhythm of the tracking. After a month and send an email again, ask if you want a free linear needle bearing sample. I can send you a sample of linear needle bearings for free. I will send it to you free of charge.

The buddy finally scammed the corpse once and said that he was interested, and then I asked him the address recipient information zip code and the like.

In fact, I am sure I can find this information. I actually want to add some interaction. As a result, this person does not return to me. I am going, are you so busy? You are not very interested, please confirm my address. Anyway, if you don't send it in time, it won't cost you money or mentality.

If you forget it, it’s more important, then I haven’t sent it yet. Ignore me, who is rare? When the Canton Fair comes, let’s talk about it. It is very important to meditate on the foreign trade mentality three times.

Later, he did not contact him. The stalemate continued on the eve of the Canton Fair. After thinking about it, people said that they wanted to come to our booth at the beginning. It was still an invitation from a good language. The result was still no clear reply.

Because I didn't go to the Canton Fair, I later confirmed that it didn't seem to come. Later, after the Canton Fair, I thought that it should be the customer's procurement demand stage.

I still have a linear needle bearings in my hand. I can't just do it. I can't just forget it. How do I say that I am a familiar face in the army, after finishing the price of linear needle bearings, I sent it to the customer.high quality linear needle bearings

I mean I am an authorized supplier of xxx linear needle bearings. I give them the price of linear needle bearings. Do you think it is OK? If you do, do you have a chance? Then I said that I can still give you a sample of linear needle bearings for free, but please provide the address.

Friends, I just want to interact with you, is it so difficult!

After a week, I suddenly received a reply from the guest. The so-called nothing to go to the Three Treasure Hall, this buddy seems to be in a hurry, do not know how it happened suddenly thought of me, may be a little embarrassed, also said that we have been to our booth, I hope to buy linear needle from me as soon as possible Bearings

I believe you a ghost, I have asked a circle, said that I did not receive your business card. It doesn't matter, we are not so stingy people, we still have to say something.

What this buddy is eager to ask is not our main product. Suddenly asked if we can't do it, and I didn't push it to him.

The name of the company said that we want to try our quality and service. I think it is estimated that the original supplier has a small amount of linear needle bearings. Secondly, the linear needle bearings required by this customer are non-standard, and the order of linear needle bearings at the end of the year. I don't want to give him this wasteful linear needle bearings

Because 5,000 is really rare compared to this kind of non-standard linear needle bearings, but this is an opportunity for me. Of course, I can do it. If I don’t make any money, I must do it. I don’t earn money. Opportunity, order for linear needle bearings, please be nice!

Later, this buddy asked me if I could give him 1000 linear needle bearings that I had pushed to him. I said that it was originally given to the original supplier. Now let us try and say the price ratio of my linear needle bearings. His suppliers are much higher.

You are 1000 balls, I don't report high, then I am not doing a loss trading! Although I can't make money, I can't lose money!

Then anyway, is the same routine, emotionally moving, enlighten them with reason, that we do it is an opportunity not a linear needle bearings orders, just after the next big order, linear needle bearings price is certainly good supplier price than your current, then I found a reason to symbolically drop him a little, and also put the order of this linear needle bearings together!

The speed at which the buddy is playing is still quite fast, or the whole model. The order of this linear needle bearings comes a bit like a tornado!

If you need any brand bearings or any models of bearings, please contact me!

Contact: Grace
MP/Whatsapp: +8618668903871

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