Bronze bushing material installation steps

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A bush is a ring sleeve that ACTS as a gasket.In valve applications, the bushing is inside the bonnet and corrosion resistant materials such as ptfe or graphite are commonly used for sealing.But there also have some customer like bronze bushing material.
Bronze bushing material installation precautions:
Before installing bronze bushing material, the contact surface should be cleaned first, and the fitting tolerance between it and the body lining should be measured by bolting test (D/gc, D/ dc).In the field, the shaft diameter is sometimes 0.07 ~ 0.15mm smaller than the aperture (the specific value is determined with the shaft diameter and both of the machining accuracy, smoothness).

china bronze bushing material
What is the next step after checking the above measurements for bronze bushing material?
After the inspection and measurement is correct, the contact surface shall be lubricated with thin oil. After the horizontal and center alignment is found by lifting the crane, press in with a certain pressure, and the speed of press in shall not be too fast.
When the pressure is too high,it may be caused by the following reasons:
1. Excessively tight coordination (it should be processed in an appropriate amount and slightly thinner outside diameter);
2. Poor surface contact, such as trace blocking, etc. (proper treatment);
3. No aligning level (re-aligning level before pressing in);
4. Lack of pressure (increase pressure).

bronze bushing material
Installation steps and precautions for bronze bushing material of cone crusher
Bronze bushing material installation process of cone crusher should pay attention not to add too much pressure, to prevent the bronze bushing material is pressure deformation, especially the babbitt alloy shaft bronze bushing material should pay attention to,
After fully pressing, fix the positioning box. Never allow the positioning pin to move, or an accident will occur.
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