How to maintain the car bearings

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The main perform of car bearings is in reality the burden and supply correct steering for the rotation of the hub. It bears each axial load and radial load, and could be a vital part.Traditional wheel with bearing is combined by 2 sets of tapered roller bearings or ball bearings, and therefore the installation of the bearing, oil seal and clearance adjustment is administrated on the motor vehicle assembly line.This structure makes it tough to assemble, pricey associate degreed unreliable in an automobile production plant, and therefore the bearings ought to be clean, oiled and adjusted once the automobile is maintained at the upkeep website.Wheel hub bearing unit is within the commonplace angular contact ball bearings and tapered roller bearings, on the premise of it'll be 2 sets of bearing as an entire, has the assembly clearance adjustment performance is nice, may be omitted, lightweight weight, compact structure, massive load capability, for the sealed bearing before loading, eclipsis external wheel grease seal and from maintenance etc, and has been wide utilized in cars, in an exceedingly truck conjointly includes a tendency to bit by bit expand the appliance.

How to use and maintain car bearings

1.The vehicle should work within the rated load range. If the vehicle is heavily overloaded, it will directly lead to car bearings overload, which will cause the bearing to fail prematurely, and even more serious will cause vehicle failure and personal accidents.

2.Prevent bearing from abnormal impact load

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3.Check the state of use of the bearing regularly, pay attention to whether there is abnormal sound and local sharp rise in temperature at the bearing part.
4.Regularly dosing lubricant or grease as required
5.According to the use of the vehicle, at least not half a year to completely replace the lubricant and carry out a careful inspection of the car bearingscar bearings China supplier
6.Inspection under bearing maintenance:Remove the removed car bearings with kerosene or gasoline, and carefully observe whether the cylinder surface inside or outside of the bearing is slipping or creeping. Whether the bearing inner and outer raceway surface is peeled off, whether the rolling body and the cage are worn or deformed, etc., according to the comprehensive situation of bearing detection, judge whether the bearing can continue to be used.

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