Received the largest order since entering the line–Bulgaria customer purchase ceramic angular contact bearings

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Last March 11th; not long after the New Year's work, received an email; Bulgarian Z (female) issued, said that the need for ceramic angular contact bearings. I still reply as usual; the customer responded quickly: Hi Thank you for your fast reply, Ok,tell me total amount by paypal; Please use our dhl account. Kind regards.Z

Then quickly gave all the information addresses; I also want to end the sample of this ceramic angular contact bearings as soon as possible, so I gave a more complete reply Hi Z.Thank you;
Total amount is xx by paypal via your dhl account;
Please leave me a message here when you confirmed paypal;
I will arrange to ship for you soon.
BTW:our paypal account is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx;
Best regards

angular contact bearings

Receive an email when I go to work on March 12th: Hi G.Payment done, please check; Kind regards.Z

After I checked the account, it was true; the paypal address was exactly the same as the customer gave;
After the afternoon, the ceramic angular contact bearings are all ready, and after the arrangement is made, I will reply:Hi Z.Thank you for your efficient work.We got the payment for ceramic angular contact bearings , and ceramic angular contact bearings had been sent out,The dhl tracking number is :xxxxxxxxxPls pay attention to it,I think you will get it soon.
BTW:do you have any other contact?Skype or whatsapp?If you have any need,more easy to talk;Kind regards

The email was sent out for about an hour, and we arrived at the mail to get off work; Hi GOk, thank you for your good job, My skype ID is xxxxxx; Kind regards.Z

I also replied simply and added her Skype; the customer passed the next day, I didn't have too much contact; occasionally said hello; after the third day, I found that the customer received a sample of ceramic angular contact bearings; She Hi Z, how are you?
I find you had got the ceramic angular contact bearings,everything ok there? The ceramic angular contact bearings is in good condition?
She also replied that everything is fine.ceramic angular contact bearings
A few days later, she gave me feedback that the ceramic angular contact bearings are already in use. In normal work, she is preparing for the next order; I am very calm, and I know that the customer will not have too many orders for the time being, but I still have Just contact the customer, simply say hello; share some daily; wait until 1 week (end of March), the customer sent an email;
This time there are more than a dozen models of ceramic angular contact bearings quotes, I am more serious than last time; the reply is more comprehensive, each model of the ceramic angular contact bearings marked the brand, date, what goods, delivery time, etc.; Single report down more than 2,000 US dollars; due to paypal fee, I recommend customers to use T / T; customers also agreed, but the handling fee does not agree (we charge 30 US dollars each); she said to pay all the fees there , we will receive the full amount.

I also agree; one hit; several emails are also fixed, customer payment, we issue ceramic angular contact bearings on time; in this way, customers maintain the order volume of ceramic angular contact bearings of 3-5k US dollars per month;ball bearing

It lasted until the end of July, and we are becoming more and more familiar; she is the leader of a Bulgarian company (the position is quite high), the company has about 50 people, doing the project; there are 2 children (one son and one daughter), the husband is Engineer; I also told her that I am the general manager of this company. The company has three partners (in fact, the company had a total of three people at the time. After five years of Alibaba, graduated from the electronics major, before doing it in the domestic Songda Technology 2 Electronic Engineer of the Year.

She is a customer who attaches great importance to efficiency, and I am the same; I can solve it on the same day, I don’t like to drag it to the next day; so I talked very well; by the beginning of August, the customer mentioned the order of ceramic angular contact bearings to 10,000. US$ or more, and 3 orders for ceramic angular contact bearings were sold in August; however, the single order did not exceed $20,000; and the monthly order of $12,000 of ceramic angular contact bearings was given to us.

If you need any brand bearings or any models of bearings, please contact me!

Contact: Grace
MP/Whatsapp: +8618668903871

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