Hard-won sample order–Sri Lankan customer purchases conical ball bearing

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The mood for going to work on the first day is very complicated. Just like our boss said, no matter what you have learned, it is a school. It does not mean that your practical ability must be great. When you come out, you are a blank piece of paper. If you want to learn, you should ask. I didn't know at the time, how ignorant I was. In the first week, I was familiar with conical ball bearing. I can read a book in two minutes. In fact, I realized later, even if I look at it ten times, I still don't know what it is. At that time, there was another internship girl H like me. I asked her what she was doing every day. She said, send an email, RFQ, send a product of conical ball bearing. These, although I have contact at school, I still don't know what to do. For a whole week, I was in a state of confusion and shorting. Maybe this is a huge change in school-society, so I need a time to come out. Probably all the children who just graduated are like this, confused, overwhelmed, and obviously haven't learned anything for more than ten years. A blank piece of paper, nothing, is probably the most difficult time in this life. I am very glad that at this time, there are still some people who accompany me and support me, so that my March will not be so difficult.--conical ball bearing conical ball bearing manufacturer

In the second week, just one morning of training, I began to look for keywords about conical ball bearing and sent conical ball bearing. In fact, what they said, I can understand it immediately, because my understanding and memory have always been very good. Looking for keywords about conical ball bearing, I also learned to visit the foreign trade forum and learn to find various methods. Because of this small factory, no one taught me, no one took me. The three sisters have their own affairs, not only do business, but also responsible for personnel and procurement. Only the supervisor is the majority of the business and maintenance. When I first met the supervisor, he still poured water on me. . Can only be found after work. . This is not the case at all. I find all kinds of information on the Internet every day, how to do foreign trade, how to optimize the products of conical ball bearing, how to write development letters of conical ball bearing, how to make quotations, I have to find all kinds of online, look at all kinds. When I am empty, I will listen to listening and practice speaking. Spoken language is really hard. . In the past few days, the company had a foreign customer. The boss asked me to go to the temporary translation. As a result, I didn’t know what to say. . .

Initiating conical ball bearing products, in fact, I am still the most efficient one. . More than 2,000 conical ball bearings were issued in a month, during which time I would secretly read novels to watch TV. In fact, it is not a serious job. . The product of conical ball bearing is always a constant keyword to write the description and then copy it, so it is still very easy. The hair is more effective, more than 2,000 conical ball bearings have been sent out, and more than 20 inquiries about conical ball bearing. . Only after doing foreign trade knows that there is no wonder, only more wonderful, and asks any questions of conical ball bearing, and sometimes the boss will not answer. . Still others, if you want a sample of conical ball bearing, you still need a quality inspection certificate, but I have explained that only the certificate can be issued when you come out, but you can't understand = = I am also very heart-warming. . Well, in short, I have encountered inquiries about conical ball bearing, and then I have been entangled for a long time and have no news. .conical ball bearing factory

When I first started working, there was a customer from Sri Lanka who added me Whatsapp and started asking about the details of conical ball bearing. The quotation of conical ball bearing was also sent out. The next step was more than a month of entanglement. I asked about the various properties of conical ball bearing and started letting me send her a sample of conical ball bearing. . At that time, when I first came to the company, I didn’t understand anything. I still had to trouble the supervisor to help me with the sample of conical ball bearing. At that time, if I had trouble, I would look at the supervisor with a thick face and he would say a few words to me with a black face. In fact, I discovered later that it was a person with a knife and a tofu. Although it was very fierce and fierce, I felt annoyed, but I still have trouble telling me how to solve it or help me solve it. I want to meet such a supervisor. I am really lucky. He will not let me do something wrong for my own self-interest. Later I realized that he gave me my big customers whose needs conical ball bearing. At first, I still felt that it was a very troublesome thing. I had to make a list of ingredients every day, and I still had to check it constantly and send it to the big customer. If something went wrong, it would be very troublesome. But later I realized that it was too important for the supervisor to let me grow and let me learn to face big customers, the form of mail, and the way of communication as soon as possible. Every time I send it, I will check it again. Because the format is wrong, or some very low-level mistakes, the supervisor will fierce me, but because of him, I know what is right, what should I do to get the job done. it is good. Thank you very much. My knife mouth is the head of the bean curd. After the samples of conical ball bearing went out, there was no echo for a long time. However, the supervisor told me that foreign trade is to be able to withstand. A customer he had with the previous year only placed orders of conical ball bearing this year. Keeping it will pay off in the end. I still want to try my best to answer every question and do everything well.conical ball bearing manufacturer

Later, the customer in Sri Lanka whose needs conical ball bearing finally wrote back, because of some tangled problems of conical ball bearing, I almost quarreled with the customer. . Later, I still resisted the temperament and explained it slowly. Telling people who are out of work, can't be so capricious, this is work, the customers are grand, the boss is also the master, they can not afford to sin. In the end, this sister who had been grinding with her and fell in love with each other for more than a month, finally asked me to ask for the bank account of the company and to fight for it. .And the customer make a payemt of conical ball bearing very quickly. Everything in the past was not in vain!

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