How to measure eccentric collar bearing?

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How to measure eccentric collar bearing?this is some method for your reference:
Measurement of axial displacement
For many rotating machinery, including steam turbine, gas turbine, water turbine, centrifugal and axial flow compressor, centrifugal pump, axial displacement is a very important signal, too much axial displacement will cause too much damage to the mechanism.Axial displacement measurement, can indicate the rotating parts and fixed parts between the axial clearance or relative instantaneous displacement change, in order to prevent the destruction of the machine.

precision eccentric collar bearing
During the continuous monitoring of the eccentric collar bearing rotor speed, when the speed is higher than the given value of the alarm signal or stop signal.Eccentric collar bearing working principle: according to the working principle of the eddy current sensor, there will be a pulse amount of periodic change between the adtending eddy current probe and the running rotor gear. If the pulse amount of periodic change is measured, the rotor speed can be monitored.
Eccentricity of eccentric collar bearing: the measurement of eccentric collar bearing eccentricity is very important for evaluating the overall mechanical state of a rotating machine.Especially for turbines equipped with turbine monitoring instrument system (TSI), eccentric measurement for eccentric collar bearing has become an indispensable measurement item during startup or shutdown.It allows you to see how much the axis bends due to heat or gravity.The eccentric position of the rotor, also known as the radial position of the shaft, is often used to indicate the wear of the bearing and the size of the load.In the case of misalignment, it is also used to determine the azimuth of the shaft, which can indicate whether the rotor is stable.

eccentric collar bearing
How it works: the eccentricity probe is mounted on the inner journal of the turbine front bearing box, and the core part is an inductance coil.When the large axis rotates, if there is eccentricity, the distance between the axis and the inductance coil will change periodically, so that the inductance of the inductance coil will change periodically.
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