Did you hear about loose steel ball bearings before?

217 Published by admin Mar 25,2019

Loose steel ball bearings mean steel material bearings,it is made of chrome steel rings,balls,cage and seals.
Did you heard about the steel ball manufacturing flow for loose steel ball bearings?
Steel ball is a kind of part used in industrial production.It is part of loose steel ball bearings.

loose steel ball bearings
The steel ball manufacturing flow for loose steel ball bearings as follows:
1. Wire drawing (wire drawing): stretch the wire with a wire drawing machine to the required wire diameter of the loose steel ball bearings;
2. Cold heading (forging): the drawn wire is put into the ball cold heading machine, and the steel die in the machine is used to forge the ball embryo;
3. Smooth ball: two cast iron round grinding ball plates in the smooth ball machine will file the cold heading ball embryo under pressure to remove the outer ring belt and bipolar points on the ball embryo;
4. Soft ball: two cast iron grinding ball round plates in the soft ball machine file the smooth ball embryo to grind the ball embryo into the required ball diameter and surface roughness;
5. Heat treatment: put the ball into the heat treatment furnace for carburizing, quenching and tempering, so that the ball has a certain carburizing layer, hardness, toughness and crushing load;

china loose steel ball bearings
6. Hard grinding the loose steel ball bearings: the round plate of grinding wheel in the grinding machine will pressurize and grind the heat treatment ball embryo to remove the black oxide layer on the surface of the ball and correct the precision of the ball;
7. Fine grinding: fine grinding: grinding the ball embryo in the fine grinding machine, so that the ball can achieve the precision and finish required by the finished product;Polishing and cleaning: pour the ball into the polishing barrel and rotate it.
8. Appearance selection;
9. Packaging;
10. Delivery.
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