Things are born for you, people come because of you: European customers purchase flanged thrust bearing

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Looking back at me and this European customer, the scene is like drama, which happened yesterday. I received an enquiry about the flanged thrust bearing from Alibaba. It was November 2013. His enquiry was very detailed but short. The annex contained a drawing of the flanged thrust bearing, flanged thrust bearing. The drawings are comprehensive. I downloaded the drawings of the flanged thrust bearing and showed it to our bosses, studied how to produce them, and quickly reported the price. Our boss went to the workshop to inquire about this flanged thrust bearing. Unexpectedly, our workshop said that he had several local companies asking them, exactly the same. We then calculated the price, delivery date, details of the flanged thrust bearing, and how to make money for the customer's flanged thrust bearing.

In short, customers have been emphasizing that they are industrial, and also sent pictures of flanged thrust bearing, circled, and marked. An e-mail sent several photos of flanged thrust bearing. Every place on the flanged thrust bearing has a place, marked in English, to emphasize. In the mail he also always stressed that the flanged thrust bearing must be firm and able to withstand the pressure. He also specifically describes the craft, with pictures, and the email is repeatedly emphasized. I also responded to his requests and suggestions, one that satisfies his requirements and standards. Using pictures to illustrate, it is a good explanation. Simple and clear, at a glance. Many details have to be noticed, after all, the standard requirements in Europe are still very strict. The demand for flanged thrust bearings in the European market is mainly due to the high quality flanged thrust bearing. There are many companies doing chemical industry in Europe. The headquarters may be in the country, but there are many subsidiaries in the following countries. Of course, there are also many building materials manufacturers purchasing guardrails. Our products are mainly filters, so my customer base is mainly focused on this one.

thrust bearing

The client company is a large company in Europe. The size of the information is quite large. The customer who contacted me is the head of a department of the company. It’s also a lot easier to talk about, not having to wait too long.

I sent the price of the flanged thrust bearing to the customer. The customer did not reply on the same day. Instead, after a short period of two days, I answered with a question. What would happen if I improved it? The difference would be great. I said that it does not affect the use. The customer finally determined that he asked for a flanged thrust bearing sample and gave us a sample of the flanged thrust bearing. Once I received the payment slip, I immediately arranged for him to produce a sample of the flanged thrust bearing. The samples of the mold, the raw materials, the processed, flanged thrust bearing came out quickly, and we sent the samples of the flanged thrust bearing.

After receiving the samples of the flanged thrust bearing, the customer felt good and made a few suggestions, let us improve, and then need to re-report the price of the flanged thrust bearing. The number of flanged thrust bearings has been rearranged. I gave him the EXW price at the beginning. I quoted two quotations for him to compare. On the basis of EXW, the customer decided to purchase the PI that made the flanged thrust bearing. I sent the PI of the flanged thrust bearing to him. The customer said that he would pay the money to our company account. He entrusted the foreign airline to do EXW and pick up the goods. I said to go to Western Union, the customer said that he had to run very far and had to transfer money personally. I will explain to him that we have to pay taxes on company accounts, and EXW has a tax of +13%. If it is not for our customs declaration, there is no tax refund. The price of flanged thrust bearing is very expensive. The customer does not seem to understand, but also said that he has to bear the freight, to the agency fee to the airline. . . I can't remember to exchange several letters and confirm back and forth. Finally, I said, this is similar to CFR, or our CFR clause. Re-reporting the price of the flanged thrust bearing, I even count the volume, calculation of packaging, weight, miscellaneous expenses, etc., one item of accounting, six specifications, 1000 sets, about the next, the CFR price was reported to the customer, the customer Two days, I agreed on the spot, let the stamp PI, arrange the payment.

The customer made a payment for flanged thrust bearing and gave me the payment list of flanged thrust bearing. I am waiting to go to the bank to withdraw money. Five days have passed, and the bank said that the money has not arrived yet. I asked the customer, the customer said that it was actually hit, and the bank said that we have an account. I just have to wait. After a week passed, the time was slowly flowing, and the bank finally called, saying that a sum of money was in our account, and that the incomplete information was written, and it was necessary to return it and let the customer replay it. I have never encountered such a thing, I asked the old salesman, the old salesman said, don't go back now, let the bank intercept the money. Call the customer to have their bank issue a letter of guarantee to the receiving bank.flanged thrust bearing

I immediately called the bank and stopped the money. I will tell the customer to let him get a letter of guarantee. At 7 o'clock in the afternoon, I called him and gave him the situation. I hope that it can be solved and I need his help. I also asked him why he didn't write it all. What I offered was not bad. The customer replied that the computer online banking he used could only write those words and automatically disappeared. I don't think it's a customer's mistake. It's really that he is not very good at using it. The customer said that he sent the payment voucher, the stamped water list, the customer's signature, and the e-mail to our bank. At that time, the bank had already got off work, no one received the fax, and the customer said that he sent the fax to no one, and sent it to us. The words written by the customer are quite handsome. The customer is also very concerned about this matter, the customer said that he also called his bank, let their bank contact the bank to issue a letter of guarantee. The next day the bank informed us to settle the exchange. Thank you for your cooperation, I am very touched.

After receiving the payment of flanged thrust bearing, we will produce it. Production is carried out in an orderly manner. More than the time agreed with the customer, more than 5 days, the customer did not ask, we have not done half of this. Tightly urge the workers in the workshop to make the goods, otherwise the Chinese New Year. The goods were only brought in the twelfth lunar month. To inform customers of the payment, we arrange delivery. The customer sent the water list again this time. I said that it is not fully displayed. The customer said, don't worry about this time, I can do it according to the bank.high quality flanged thrust bearing

The Spring Festival is a little closer, and the flanged thrust bearing is scheduled to be issued years ago. The flanged thrust bearing was sent out last night. It was sent when there was no settlement. At that time, there was not much air transport. It is also somewhat risky. However, the customer's money is never available. I will tell the freight forwarder not to declare it. When the customer's money arrives, let's go down the flight. It was put on hold for a while.

The next day I set foot on the way home. On the way back, the boss called and said that the money had arrived, and arranged for customs clearance. You said that the money came in unfortunately, I called the freight forwarder in the car. However, the position may have lost ground and retired. Eh. Anxious, I said to declare first, and it’s useless to worry. Fortunately, in the end we caught up with the plane, the aircraft of the New Year's Eve.

At home, I send the documents, scanned copies of the bill of lading to the customer, and let him pick up the flanged thrust bearing. I was prepared, and my scans were placed in the 115 mobile network disk. Also worked hard for our accountant, the big New Year's Eve to invoice, gray often thank you, thank you for your cooperation.

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