Need to re-purchase customers to purchase underwater bearings, drop or not?

260 Published by admin Jan 10,2019

I received a request from Mo for underwater bearings. Haha, Mo has to pay attention to Mo 1, Mo 2. When you encounter the first Mo, you should pay attention to it. Be sure to note the characteristics of the other party. Many of them are like this. You have to remark the characteristics and remark the customers of any country. If you have more and more late Mo, you can't tell who is who. Similar names are has, kh...

The customer's internal underwater bearings are very clear, with dimensional parameters of underwater bearings, and indicate that they are the same as the previous one. Because it is an old customer, the parameters of the underwater bearings are relatively clear. This customer has set a lower internal bearings for the cabinet last year. In the later period, there was no complaint about the quality problem. The customer asked about the price of the underwater bearings, indicating that he was also acceptable for the price of the underwater bearings.underwater bearings

The customer's last underwater bearings, because the quantity of underwater bearings was still relatively small, just approaching the holiday, using the holiday reminder method, urged him to place an order.

When the client first cooperated, he didn't know what cif, what fob, I reported him a fob price, but then let us book the boat, I told him to calculate the sea freight in the value of the goods, he agreed So, I remembered the special requirements of this customer. For the customers who have cooperated, the customer's operating habits must be remembered. Otherwise, the customer will of course not say by default, and if you do not do it, it will lead to errors.

At the time of sending the mail, I found out that the other party was replying to my mail in the morning time. Negotiations should pay attention to the psychological changes of customers. When we pass the text, we must pay attention to the use of time skills. Usually we must look at the customer's living habits. The customer is usually normal, but this time the customer gets up and replies to me the first time, indicating that he is now in the first place with the underwater bearings on hand, and he may be more anxious now, this underwater The order specification for bearings is to be implemented soon. So I immediately replied to him.underwater bearings factory

The order of this underwater bearing, because it is non-standard, so the profit should be controlled higher than other ordinary underwater bearings, although it can still be reduced, but considering the previous points, the old customers who have already passed the order, he has to inquire And the list is more urgent, and such products are more complicated, it is necessary to have this profit margin. So out of these three points, I have more than 90% of the grasp, do not give him a discount, the other party will also place an order of underwater bearings, so I will not cut the price.

At the same time, from October 1st to 7th, we will have a domestic holiday. If the order of the underwater bearings after August 25th is produced, it will be shipped after the holiday. This will play a urging role and reuse. And holiday reminders.

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