In November, I found out the order of my man’s potential: harvester bearing

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The exhibition was completed in October. Among the three businesses that went to the exhibition that month, there was only one customer who purchased the harvester bearing. Coupled with all kinds of things in October, the mood is not so high, plus a few other old customers' lists, and spent the month in October. harvester bearing factory

 At the beginning of November, the boss began to remind me, and asked if I have more interested customers here. In fact, there were three customers with large intentions at the time. Two were developed by me before, and one was contacted by the exhibition. However, there was no clear time for ordering, so I told the boss that I am still in contact. After the sound, then said that you took a few orders before the Christmas abroad, Barabara, I was stunned. I will continue to send emails, thinking about getting this customer at the show, and then taking time off to Shanghai. During the period, I contacted a customer at the exhibition intermittently, asking about the price of the harvester bearing, the size of the harvester bearing, the delivery of the harvester bearing, etc., and said that I was not willing to 30% depoist, 70% balance. I was worried about being cheated. At that time, I also tried to communicate with him, and at the same time issued proof of payment bills from other customers. In the end, I even suggested that I could purchase a small amount of harvester bearing. Later, the customer was impressed by my sincerity, November 12 I sent a P/O to me in the afternoon. The quantity is still relatively objective, let me do the P/I of the harvester bearing. Since I am going to Shanghai to attend the wedding of girlfriends on the 13th, I sent the P/I to the client at the time, and asked him to arrange the payment of the harvester bearing as soon as possible. I arranged his order, and it was until 11 o'clock that evening. Still did not receive the customer's water bill, I think if you want to postpone this order, I sent an e-mail to ask about the situation and went to sleep, wake up at 5 o'clock the next morning (catch the plane), habitual brush Under the mail, the payment of the harvester bearing arrived. I quickly arranged the order below and wrote the request. Then I quickly washed my face and brushed my teeth. I dragged the box and flew to the airport. Fortunately, there was no chance.harvester bearing manufacturer

During my three days in Shanghai, my client also made some confirmations in the middle of the journey. It was almost confirmed by 7788. When I returned to the company on the afternoon of the 16th, my colleague said that my client's LOGO was good, so the phone colleagues helped to arrange. No. 17 went to work, deliberately tested the harvester bearing, no problem. Then contact the freighter designated by the customer to discuss the delivery time. After I provided the DG dcouments and other documents, the results said that they could not take our products, and immediately stunned, then quickly contacted my own freight forwarding, inquired about the price, mail to The customer explained the situation. At that time, the customer was also anxious, so I used my freight forwarding. I am going to pick up the goods on the morning of the 18th. On the 18th, I went to the factory early. At around 10 o'clock, the freight forwarder said that it was coming. I was chatting with the boss. He asked me the offer of this harvester bearing. In view of the fact that the factory was rushing to a colleague's two cabinets. Goods, can not pull out the manpower six, can only arrange 2 people to help me change the harvester bearing, then there are 2 with my good relationship to help me busy, then all the goods are all packaged, piled up next to me higher, they change When I moved the boxes of the harvester bearing one by one, let them get it, because the freight forwarder promised to wait until four o'clock, that is, from eleven o'clock to four o'clock, six people should This batch of goods is all settled, my own single I must get my heart, people are willing to help me is also good, after all, it is time to rest at noon. So at noon, I finished the fast food, started the work quickly, and divided the two batches of rework. There are almost 100 boxes of harvester bearings. I moved down one by one, until finally at five o'clock, and rushed to load the car, the freight forwarding finally took away the harvester bearing. I am finally able to breathe a sigh of relief. At the moment I stopped, my legs were sore and my waist hurt. After work in the evening, I went home to take a shower, and I slept after 9:30. The next morning I got up and my legs were filled with lead. I felt very tired. It was only after the reaction, it was too tired yesterday. Wash your face in a hurry, catch the bus to work, prepare the invoice for the harvester bearing, packing list of harvester bearing and so on.

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